Is someone already calling 999 and having an ambulance sent around to LG, or shall we do it?

lg dios gallery 1

The body paint is enough by itself. The addition of 100 de-branded tins with mysterious numbering on them is simply bewildering.

lg dios gallery 2 lg dios gallery 4

Dios is the name of one of LG’s fridge ranges, so… no, that doesn’t help explain this scenario at all.

lg dios gallery 3

The red woman represents ‘hot’ and the blue woman is ‘cold’, and they’re locked in an eternal struggle to keep food fresh, guarded over and watched by a benign LG which feeds them stuff from tins?

The psychedelic Samsung TicToc MP3 player

“Where am I?”

“In the village.”

samsung tic toc

“But I don’t want to listen to the Ricky Gervais podcast.”

“Don’t be silly. Everyone in the village listens to the Ricky Gervais podcast.”

samsung tic toc 2

“But… I threw my Samsung TicToc in the sea.”

“No, your Samsung TicToc is right here.”

Gadgets with FACES #199: A bit of Soviet space equipment

Sent in by reader “Chris” who didn’t supply any additional narrative, except a link to here where the photo came from.

soviet space face

“” – Chris.

“Making of Cyon Maxx CF”

This is nice. You can see the direction given to the girls by the photographer. It’s like you’re there, watching and quite close, but without being seen.

“You like photos of hot Asian’s holding up LG phones, so why not have a ‘making of’ video of Korea’s BEST and MOST FAB girlband SNSD doing an LG commercial? ‘It totally connects!’ – isn’t this a terrible way to promote your phone? PS: I totally didn’t find this video because I’m subscribed to many SNSD fan channels. Nope. Not at all” – Lee.

Gadgets with FACES #199: The bottom of a GPS thing

This one’s good. The more you look at it, the more amusing its wonky little eyes become. This update also incorporates the first ever READER’S FINGERPRINTS.

gps wonky eyes

“Been a while since I have sent anything in so thought would send in this little chap. This is hidden from view behind a plastic cover on a Sony GPS data logger” – DarlyB.

Gadgets with FACES #199: A Plantronics phone switcher



“Found this little gem of a gadget with a face whilst installing my new phone system on my desk. It’s a headset/handset switcher. Hope you agree that it’s the perfect addition to your website” – Axel.

Gadget with FACES #199: The Dell Mono Laser Printer

We’re going to do lots and lots of Gadgets with FACES updates classified as #199, so it looks like we did this and this on purpose as a joke. And not because we can’t count.

dell mono printer

What was the name of the fat old woman Les Dawson used to do?

*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeeeek

It’s that man again! Same PANICKED expression and rigid frame, although he seems to have ruffled his hair a little in honour of there being a celebrity around.

longoria standing near

Wank him off, Eva. It’ll calm him down once he’s got his first one out of the way.

eva longoria overstocked

Here’s another one, showing Eva’s new fridge DANGEROUSLY OVERSTOCKED. There’ll be grape juice everywhere if she slams that door.


Wish we were invited to this event. Who do we talk to at LG about pretending we’re white goods journalists?


There’s so many of them we’ve opted to use the WordPress Gallery tool to ease the self-inflicted workload for today. There’s an odd number of photos so it’s going to look a bit messy.

“These images come built into the HTC Desire. Now when I thumb through the photo gallery on my phone you can see my cool skateboading mates pulling off RAD tricks and hot birds that I pretend to hang out with before getting to the grainy shots of my cat in my dark flat and that picture of the inside of my pocket from when the phone came unlocked by accident. Perhaps you can work out what camera these pics were actually taken from and laugh at HTC for pretending you can take this quality of pic with this phone?” – You Likee.

Samsung delivers rare chance to use term “suction power”

Samsung has launched some new vacuum cleaners. It has opted not to use a cliched housewife model, but has instead given the scene a nice 60s “vibe”. The good old 1960s. No internet, but the women didn’t complain about being the only ones that ever clean up the crumbs.

samsung cordless vacuum 3

Frankly, she’d be best off getting down on her hands and knees with a cloth to clean that laminate. That would also make an even more appealing shoot.

samsung cordless vacuum 1 samsung cordless vacuum 2

Nice chairs. Nice shelves. Can’t say much else as we’ve already used today’s sexism allowance in the opening paragraph.

samsung cordless vacuum 4

The later photos in this series show her unsuccessfully trying to insert it. It was a very brave attempt, though.

Samsung launches 3 types of cordless stick vacuum cleaner and 5 types of handy cleaner on Jun. 25th. With Samsung’s twin chamber technology, the new cordless vacuum cleaners produce a stronger suction power.

The stick type has an auto shutter function that gives an excellent edge cleaning by automatically sensing edges and corners.

On top of that, the newest cordless vacuum cleaner ensures clean exhaust air, thanks to the adoption of HEPA filter system.