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NEW IDEA: Sexy mayors

Of course, we’ve already featured the ultimate sexy mayor in the toned form of Tom Hartley However, we also realise that men in their 50s are not to everyone’s taste. So here’s entry #1 in ‘Mayor MILFs’.


“I know you like Lord Mayors as much as I do, and you also like sexy women – look at the MILF we have here!


“Pretty hot stuff huh? Do you think anyone out there in Extra Last land has a better looking Mayor? I don’t think they do” – Favus.

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Don’t sit that close to the screen

You’ll hurt your eyes! Everyone thinks rectangular eyes syndrome is a big joke, until they get it themselves. Plus it’s much worse these days now everything’s in 16:9.


Sit back on the sofa. Next to me. There’s room, squeeze in.

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Gadgets with FACES #159: The Wii Remote Motion Plus thing

Two faces rolled into one gadget! The inclusion of faces has to be the reason for Nintendo’s baffling success with its terrible, barely-functioning games machine.

“I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures of the new Wiimote add on. I forget what it’s called. I think the first one has a slightly sexy/naughty Geshia vibe to it with the second looking somewhat like a monster. Who has a plug for its mouth. Cheers!” – Jamie

It is vomiting poison that is killing all within range. Much like Wii itself.

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The “Battery Organiser”

Not a frightening old man who refers to batteries by their official European standardised name designations while popping them neatly up his bottom in size order – that’s just our mid-to-long-term future.

The Battery Organiser is simply a thing to put batteries in combined with a voltage tester. God knows who’s going to need that many LR20s.

Found here by a man who calls himself “Dessicated Trowel”.

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Tube Exits for the London Underground

Excellent iPhone app idea, although it could lead to the ‘common man’ knowing how to be first on the escalators. We’re working on one that tells you where the steepest escalators are and where they correlate with the strongest crosswinds and updrafts.

Our app will also lets users contribute sighting of lovely girls to a lovely girls database, letting men get near lovely girls any time of day or night. It may have privacy issues, but we’ll address those when a disappearance case is confirmed to have involved use of the application.

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“You can copy a phone number…”

“…and paste it in a text”

There will be celebratory beers at Apple HQ tonight and TO HELL with what the doctors said about Steve not being allowed to have any.

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EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES: Aurangzeb Khan, CEO, Everspin

The thickest bristles we’ve yet seen! These wouldn’t just tickle, they’d damn well hurt. You’d have to go over your lower abdomen with a pair of tweezers pulling out the wiry little buggers.

You’d also have to have a very good excuse ready for the wife, when she asks why your neck is all scratched to hell.

If he was into S&M, you could make him get on his hands and knees and sweep up all the leaves from the patio with it. Such a versatile lip. Thanks to “Paul” for doing the research and for Venturebeat for not bothering to resize the original file before uploading it.

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Possible instance of too many photos of same girl in Samsung mobile shoot

She’s a lovely girl no doubt about that, but something about this image arrangement confuses the brain. It’s impossible to just focus on the one.

You SHOULD focus on the actual girl herself, but the eye naturally flips to the computer to see what she’s been looking at and what sort of computer it is. Then over to the phone to see what sort of phone it is and how good the photo looks. Then back to her face to see if she’s looking guilty about what she’s been taking photos of. Then back to the computer. All over the place. Brain is tired now.

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Make her life a bit easier with the…

…Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum. From here. From America, funnily enough.

Although, if she’s the sort of woman who can’t relax until she knows the curtains have been vacuumed, she’s making a bit too much work for herself to begin with.

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Static non-powered objects with FACES #42 & #43: A stapler and a “sophisticated yogurt”

The stapler face doesn’t reveal itself until Act #3. Until you get to photo #3 you might think we’ve had a breakdown and are just uploading photos of desks.

Don’t worry. It is not that bad yet.

“Hello! Here are more things with faces! One is a sophisticated kind of
yoghurt and the other is a stapler! Greetings from Germany! I love
you!” – Chris

Thanks, Chris. It is good to feel loved, even if it is only by a man from Germany we’ve never met before. If we ever need someone to talk to about things, is it OK if we come over to Germany?

“I love you, Ren”

“Shut up, Stimpy”

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