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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Extra-Last acquired by Idiot Toys

Extra-Last is proud to announce it has joined the Idiot Toys blogging empire. Usernames and passwords were exchanged yesterday, followed by a ceremonial burial ritual to mark the disposal of the previous 13 months of posts and memories.


Hit it with the shovel a few more times to make sure it’s dead.

We’re moving back to Idiot Toys Dot Com and you can come if you want.

For the benefit of those who don’t pay extremely close attention – the people we sold Idiot Toys to gave up on it and let the domain name expire. We bought it back, so may as well go back seeing as it’s always been the best “brand.”

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We don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest the viewer is being encouraged to mentally insert a penis into the space where this MP3 player sits.

DSC08716 crop 4

Only mentally. Physically would require permission forms to be filled out and signed by her parents and frankly that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

DSC09215 crop 3

Grip it properly! Don’t be timid. We’re not paying you to be timid. Use all your fingers.

Walkman A840 1

Brace yourself for the next photo. It’s a “How did that one get in here?” joke.

Walkman E450 1

How did that one get in here?

Walkman A840 2

In this one she’s gazing at the belly button, wondering why the fluff is always blue to take her mind off it.

Walkman A840 3 Walkman E450 3

Generally rubbing it around.

Walkman E450 4

Eyes closed, teeth gritted in preparation for impact.

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Is someone already calling 999 and having an ambulance sent around to LG, or shall we do it?

lg dios gallery 1

The body paint is enough by itself. The addition of 100 de-branded tins with mysterious numbering on them is simply bewildering.

lg dios gallery 2 lg dios gallery 4

Dios is the name of one of LG’s fridge ranges, so… no, that doesn’t help explain this scenario at all.

lg dios gallery 3

The red woman represents ‘hot’ and the blue woman is ‘cold’, and they’re locked in an eternal struggle to keep food fresh, guarded over and watched by a benign LG which feeds them stuff from tins?

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She’ll never get that in on her own

Bloody delivery men.

samsung washing machine

At least they took away the old one.

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GigerPunk “Checking Ibis Hotel room for bed bugs on check-in”

Here’s a follow-up, as if one was actually needed, to “GigerPunk”‘s superb thing-spotting odyssey around London. It’s the long-awaited video of him checking his hotel room upon arrival.

If you don’t get to see the inside of modern hotel rooms due to having the sort of job where spending £60 to house a member of staff is considered too much of a luxury, this is why everyone complains about how depressing they are.

“And all it took was alleged female ‘ThreeOliveMartini’ expressing a vague interest for me to upload my first video to YouTube (with the exception of a couple of Spore creature creations, which don’t really count as that was pretty much done automatically by the Spore Creature Creator anyway)”.

This is going to have to go in “uncategorized” as the closest we’ve got is probably “Toilet Equipment with Faces” and it’s not really anything like that.

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Would or would not?

ulala cosplay 1

You’d have to, really, otherwise you’d look ungrateful and spoilt.

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Ornamental gardens WITH FACES #1: Hanging Gardens of Haifa

You try typing that headline then thinking of something funny to say. This is being posted in ‘Uncategorized’ and to hell with it.

Bahai Gardens Haifa

“Right dead centre of the pic. It’s a place rather than a ‘thing’, of course, but from that angle it’s undeniable. The photo has nothing to do with me, I just found it on Wikipedia and the face was staring back at me. Sorry for the lack of a humorous caption” – Psyklax.

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Static non-powered objects with FACES #36: A MIFFED LORRY that’s not happy about having to go to Birmingham

Wrote too much in the headline there. Haven’t got anything left to say in this bit now. Anyone got any good web sites to look at later? Not porn, anything. Literally anything.


“Saw this slightly miffed looking lorry-end (note to self: check terminology) in Birmingham. For legal reasons, let’s assume both vehicles were stationary. Rik, aged 25 and four-fifths” – Rik.

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The latest tech news from… HEMEL HEMPSTEAD

The best thing about BenQ is the way its UK arm is based in Hemel Hempstead. Getting HOT TECH  press releases from the depressing new town is delightful. Here’s the BenQ V2200 Eco LCD monitor. It’s pale and a bit wonky, but would do at a push – like the inhabitants of Hemel Hempstead.


DISCLAIMER: Extra-Last is allowed to offer the opinion that Hemel is shit having lived there for a bit, under duress as a child.

BenQ takes the lead with the announcement of the new stylish V Series Eco LED Widescreen Displays

Green just got great!

Hemel Hempstead, UK, September 14th, 2009: BenQ has today announced the exciting launch of the V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco LED widescreen displays. As a top global display provider BenQ is leading the charge in the LED revolution starting with this official launch, and with a broad spectrum of LED displays planned. The V2400 Eco is a 24” Full HD 1080p LED widescreen, and the V2200 Eco is the world’s first 21.5” Full HD 1080p LED widescreen display. LED displays are energy-efficient consuming approximately 36% less power than traditional CCFL displays and offer huge advances in image quality. This makes the new BenQ V series Eco LED Widescreen Displays the perfect choice for those wanting to cut costs, enjoy a great picture whilst supporting the environment.

The new V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco employ LED (Light-Emitting Diode) which is the latest in monitor display lighting, for advantages that are seen in exquisite visuals on the screen, and have eco and pocket friendly benefits. When it comes to display performance the new monitors are second to none as they are superbly engineered with zero light leakage, enabling an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 5 million:1 for intense blacks and extreme whites. This benefit is unique to LED technology and reveals never-before-noticed fine details and near-infinite colour variations while BenQ’s Senseye™ 3 Human Vision Technology which further enhances image richness, clarity, and depth even in the darkest scenes – dramatically increasing viewing enjoyment.

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