Toasters with ALTERNATIVE FUNCTIONS #2: The Technasonic 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

We promised more. We are delivering more. This toaster may well be verging on oven status, but it does have one thing in its favour – a FRIED EGG FACE and lips made of MUFFIN!

Spotted by a “Darren” who found it on this horrendous web site which, we think, might become a bit of a favourite source of material.

They don’t need to tell us it’s ideal for studio apartments. It’s pretty obvious what sort of ‘demographic’ this is for.

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Toasters with ALTERNATE FUNCTIONS #1: The Tefal Toast ‘n’ Egg TT550015 Toaster and Egg Maker

Yes, from this you may correctly deduce that the EXTRA-LAST* office kitchen is about ready to have its toasting facilities upgraded.

It is the Tefal Toast ‘n’ Egg TT550015 Toaster and Egg Maker. The idea for this new feature is based around the fact we saw another toaster that’s also a radio. That’s two things, which is enough things to make a thing out of.

If anyone has any good toaster recommendations, get them in. The Philips kettle recommended some time ago is doing a great job.

We may also branch out into TOASTER LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY. Toasters, basically, are the short-to-medium term future of this exciting new internet venture.

*It’s just not the same :(

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