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Things branded “360” – Panasonic’s new 360 Quick Iron

You know what annoys us the most about the modern world? That a company like Panasonic can launch a new product, spend tens and possibly even hundreds of thousands of pounds on developing and promoting it, with the end result being…

…a rubbish YouTube video that’s gained 23 views three days after being uploaded. Dear Panasonic, we could do better than that for a retainer of £50 a day. Consider that a binding written offer.

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There is a device called i360 :(((

i360. Can you imagine the sense of TRIUMPH everyone concerned felt when they left the meeting room having decided to call their product i360? They must’ve felt like GODS. Gods of creativity. Gods that will soon make BILLIONS of POUNDS, thanks to combining both the “i” naming trend and the “360” naming trend.

Even more brilliantly, i360 is a device that lets you WEAR your iPod Nano ON YOUR HEAD while you are out doing EXTREME ACTIVITIES. Sorry about all the capital letters, this sort of idiocy just naturally brings them out.

Unbelievable. This would be a good update to end the existence of the internet and all of modern life with. In fact, we may as well just… *BLOWS BRAIN OVER WALL LIKE AT THE END OF ‘DOWNFALL’*

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Vodafone thinks calling something “360” is a good idea

Vodafone 360 has been announced today. It’s the new name for Vodafone Live, ie, the new icon on your phone you will NEVER EVER CLICK ON or even put the cursor anywhere near for fear of spending ten minutes staring at your phone while a load of adverts/ring tones/wallpapers blunder down the inadequate pipe.

They’ve got Samsung to make a phone that also says “360” on it and put out a press release that goes on about Twitter.


In other news, the new Extra-Last HTC Magic has arrived. The novelty has worn off and it is yet to receive a call or text message. But it is nice.

Vodafone Announces Vodafone 360
24 September 2009

A Suite of Innovative, New Internet Services for Mobile and PC

24 September, 2009. London. Vodafone today announces the launch of Vodafone 360 – a new suite of innovative internet services for the mobile and PC.

All of a customer’s contacts, status updates and messaging services are brought together in one place enhancing the customer’s experience and use of social media. Customers will have integrated contacts, music, photos and mapping services and can share their favourite music choices and even their physical location, how and when they choose, with their chosen groups of friends.

The service is automatically backed up and synchronised, regularly and wirelessly, between the mobile and PC or Mac. All contacts updates, emails, photos and conversation history or settings changes made either at home or when on the move are saved, keeping all the content up-to-date.

“Vodafone 360 is the first service of its kind to offer customers the benefits of a truly integrated mobile internet experience that gathers all their contacts and content, all around them, in one place,” said Pieter Knook, Director of Internet Services at Vodafone Group.

“The beauty of Vodafone 360 is that all the services work together and they are easy to use. Vodafone 360 enables customers’ digital lives. Customers can stay in touch and share experiences through social networks, instant messaging, email, apps, maps, music and buying digital content on their mobile bill, with the personalised address book at its heart.”
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What will soon become a very BIG LIST of things branded “360”

Here we go then. Keep them “rolling” in. Keep looking all around you.

Found by “Scott”. Says it was just sitting in front of him. So it wasn’t really found, it was more just noticed. You can’t have a “360” marker, as you’d get pen all over your hand. And face if you were to start chewing it.

The Xbox “360”. We’ll get some of the easy ones out of the way ourselves. You concentrate on the ones that require research, OK?

The Air Max “360”. We own a pair of these. The left one has a puncture. It squeaks all the time. They ought to be thrown away, but they are comfortable and we’re old enough for “are they comfortable?” to to be the #1 reason to own a pair of shoes.

Some company called Echo 360. No idea what it does.

A “lifestyle” PDF magazine aimed at… men.

Sumsung’s SF 360 B&W inkjet fax machine SLASH photocopier! A machine that versatile is well worth the monicker.

Some glasses. This isn’t turning out as the blockbuster thriller feature we were hoping for.

A virus checker from Norton. This certainly makes virus checkers seem SEXY and ASPIRATIONAL as far as we’re concerned. Although we tend to use the option of not being a cock and not clicking on things in the first place.








Literally THOUSANDS of pointless agencies that would ironically describe themselves as “creative”

The Garmin Nuvi 360 satnav thing. Should probably stop now. This is nothing like as much fun or damning as it was supposed to be.

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