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The Sony “Bloggie” HD video camera and LIFESTYLE VIDEOGRAPHY!

Bloody hell, this is not pleasant. Viewer discretion is advised when watching the Bloggie promotional video of fashionable youths poncing about on mopeds and waveboards, then having a party at which everyone compares hair products and whose styling product has lasted best throughout the rigorous day.

sony bloggie 1


sony bloggie 2


sony bloggie 3

NEEDS SMASHING IN THE: Bottom, bottom.

sony bloggie 4

And that’s how stupid you look holding a camera with a 360-degree lens on the top of it. How does one even go about playing back and watching a 360-degree video?

sony bloggie 5

With thanks to “Scott” for bravely browsing through hellish world of Sony product pages.

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NEW TREND: Mobile phones getting certificates

Congratulations to the LG-LD100-U1, which successfully completed a width without resorting to armbands or a float. It is the first touchscreen device in its category to have officially earned itself a swimming award.

lg ld100-u1 certificate

She’s made a terrible mess of those screens. She needs to whip them all out of screen saver mode, pronto. How can she idly sit there while all three go blank?

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‘Eastern Cross’ product display attempt

Here we join Lin-Yan and Soo-Lin from South Korea, in the third round of the Synchronised Pairs. They’ve opted for the 6.0-rated Eastern Cross, a hard move that relies on both girls to maintain both horizontal and vertical alignment, while also ensuring no screensavers kick in.

lg su210 2

Looking good… just need to hold it in position for the regulation ten seconds…

lg su210 1

BUT OH NO IT’S ALL GONE! It’s all gone. They’ve crashed out of synch. This is a disaster. A DISASTER for the Korean pair! It was all looking so promising, then, quick as you like, all four phones tumbled wildly out of alignment. The team┬ámanager won’t be ‘cross’, he’ll be LIVID!

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Pantech lady can accommodate about *this much* girth

The whole series (of four) can be found over at Akihabara News, which is making it a bit difficult for people to steal images off its site nowadays – so won’t be too pleased to see this, here:


“She may believe she’s adding style points, perhaps even framing her face nicely; but I am uneasy with the fact it could be a gang sign. I hear they are all the rage with the kids now, so I can’t endorse the sign for fear of offending the rival gang. I just don’t need that kind of drama” – Jon.

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LG Cooky and some precise arrangement

Product holding, neat displays, spiral logos, two young women paid to do what they’re told to do and wear what they’re told to wear for an hour – this photo is INTOXICATING.

lg cooky 1

They’re trying to communicate something in binary.

lg cooky 2

Terrible photo. What’s going on here? The perspective’s so mental the lady on the left looks like a cardboard cut-out. This is like a psychedelic moment from “The Prisoner” where Number Two tries to convince Number Six his name is actually “Cooky”.

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It turns out animated GIFs do still have a place on today’s modern internet. The full 4.25MB original of this can be found here. These are some stills from it. Even with our extremely small number of readers, embedding a 4.25MB GIF would be a bad idea.

Sent in my a man called “dbot” who suggests it’s “Best viewed whilst listening to Hi-NRG techno”. We’re slightly concerned this may have originally come from B3ta and may also have been on the internet for over a decade, but will go with it anyway, as you know how hard it is having to find something to do every day.

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LG Thing of the Day

Here’s today’s mystery LG shiny black technical product. It says what it is on the case, so squint your eyes and don’t read the words if you don’t want to spoil the guessing fun for yourself.

lg multimedia hdd 1

It could be a HUGE MOUSE, or some very small bathroom scales.

lg multimedia hdd 2

But it isn’t. This was only a good guessing game if you don’t know what HDD stands for, or if you’re trying to guess how many fillings she’s got.

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Lopsided-head woman goes for twin jerk

LG has stuck up more photos in the Blu-ray set. She still hasn’t taken her blouse off or even undone any of the buttons, so there’s a long way to go before we reach any meaningful conclusion, but she has started getting “freaky” with the equipment.

lg blu-ray bg250

Maybe if they hired a shorter model she wouldn’t have to bend so much?

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MAN introduces awkward atmosphere in LG “Infinia” shoot

Well done, MAN. You have made everything seem a little bit weird. You’ve made the ladies not really know where it’s safe to look or what to do with their hands.

lg infinia borderless 1

The one on the left has resorted to only looking at him using her peripheral vision.

lg infinia borderless 2

Both girls are now pretending he isn’t there. This brings back lots of memories of being in pubs and bars over the years.

lg infinia borderless 3

Even here, in the close-up, she’s looking PAST him, not directly at him. Poor the MAN.

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LG LTE CDMA Dual M… something

They don’t know what it is, either, but they LOVE IT!


Man loves the one on the right.

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