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“Making of Cyon Maxx CF”

This is nice. You can see the direction given to the girls by the photographer. It’s like you’re there, watching and quite close, but without being seen.

“You like photos of hot Asian’s holding up LG phones, so why not have a ‘making of’ video of Korea’s BEST and MOST FAB girlband SNSD doing an LG commercial? ‘It totally connects!’ – isn’t this a terrible way to promote your phone? PS: I totally didn’t find this video because I’m subscribed to many SNSD fan channels. Nope. Not at all” – Lee.

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CELEBRITY HOLDING: Maria Sharapova has a go on the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

Two photographs. One in which Maria seems to be struggling with the Android phone’s unlock system, or is perhaps waiting for a GPS satellite fix or syncing her external emails…

maria sharapova x10 mini launch 2 maria sharapova x10 mini launch

…then she gives up and smiles. Which is why she’s there.

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Now where did I leave my glasses?

Oh there they are. Thank you very much.

lg 3d projector

Can you hand them to me again, this time in slow motion?

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Part of us hates the idea of helping a video clearly designed to “go viral” to actually go viral, but… it’s pretty good. Shame it’s man, though. Although given the level of skill and dexterity required it sort of had to be, IS THAT NOT RIGHT GENTLEMEN? EH? EH? EH?

“Some sort of Nokia bullshit with ‘Hand Freestyler’ Max Viassenk. Whatever next…” – Jody (man).

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CELEBRITY HOLDING: Palm Pre Special Edition

Quite some time ago, if we’re being honest, Palm, or the poor mobile network responsible for trying to sell Palm mobile phones to a disinterested audience in the UK market, held a launch party for its Palm Pre.

Quite a few famous people who were in need of a new free mobile phone at the time turned up for it.

mel b palm pre

Mel B turned up! Even [insert reader’s name] must recognise Mel B.

miquita oliver palm pre

Miquita Oliver turned up! She was entertaining on the telly.

matthew horne palm pre

That man off the TV turned up. He’s only recently famous, so we haven’t really seen anything he’s been in due to almost totally giving up on watching TV.

alphabeat palm pre

And pop band Alphabeat turned up, but they’re too nervous and forgot to show off the phone. Or maybe they didn’t get a free one, as they do look a bit moody.

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VIDEO HOLDING: Intel-branded lady and the Asus EPad

It’s a bit mean of Intel to brand the poor lady with a cattle iron, but we guess that sort of thing’s still allowed in Asian countries.

There’s a man stumbling around the showfloor and talking until the 1:30 mark, so skip that bit if you’re in a hurry. Link via Gizmodo.

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We’ve had a couple of extremely odd product holding scenarios emailed in recently, both interesting in their own little ways. So we’ve combined them into one update, so it feels a bit special and looks like we’ve put in the same amount of effort as we used to in the old days.

model-is-5-foot-six-1 model-is-5-foot-six-3

This one was sent in by “Richard”. The gardening web site (SCROLL DOWN) features this lady standing beside trees at the bottom of every page, to help viewers get an idea of the height of trees. They’re all about the same. We can only conclude the man in charge really likes looking at this lady and this was the best excuse he could come up with to spend a whole day staring at her and wondering if she eats properly or is just very active.

mec-stool-1 mec-stool-3

mec-stool-4 mec-stool-5

And this is an arty chair shoot, sent in by “Grill” who we used to sit next to in depressing office confinement a few years ago. It’s the Mec Stool by Sebastian Jansson, which is “A highly personal though simple and rigid plywood structure, with a playful look” if that makes any sense to you.

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Ultimate professional. She doesn’t even want to cover up any part of the sign with her fingertips.

lg sweet phone 1

Oh, how we would love to dive into that jar and enjoy a couple of those fruity bon-bons.

lg sweet phone 2

Not sure what that background is supposed to be. The inside of a whale?

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Samsung cleverly installs low tables at Mobile World Congress

Genius table placement. The lower the table, the lower they have to bend. The lower they have to bend, the better the photo opportunity.

Here’s the Samsung Wave.

samsung wave

Not particularly interested in the phone, as it uses Samsung’s BADA operating system. We know a bit more about mobile operating systems these days, we are sad to report.

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Teclast’s C510HD brings ‘Full HD’ media support to mainstream consumers, thanks to enhanced…




teclast ch510hd 1


teclast ch510hd 2




teclast ch510hd 3


teclast ch510hd 4

Yes, you can click on them and they go bigger. That’s the ‘Teclast Difference’. Teclast understands the click-to-go-bigger needs of its end users.

teclast ch510hd 5

Ha ha, we said “end users”. As in bell-end users.

teclast ch510hd 6

As in wanking.

teclast ch510hd 7

As in you can see a bit of the side of one of her tits, so you might as well barricade yourself into the bathroom and see if anything happens.

teclast ch510hd 8

One for the feet men! She’s even splaying her toes. Phwoar, eh, feet men? Have a look at the WIDTH of that SPLAY. You can see RIGHT INBETWEEN.

teclast ch510hd 9

Another one for the tits men. The tits men are going to come out of this best, to be honest. It’s pretty much entirely a tits-oriented shoot.

teclast ch510hd 10

Knees obscured. Deduct a point.

teclast ch510hd 11

Feet and legs and knees and tits. Add two points.

teclast ch510hd 12

Kiss the screen, and we’re done.

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