Not too convinced about these. It appears the submitter is reading a bit too much into screw holes and has quite possibly gone insane, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as he provided three separate photographs.

The EXIF data just says “SAMSUNG” so don’t get your hopes up.


“After picking up DJ Hero at the weekend I noticed apart from it being lots of fun it features SEVERAL faces. Now having one or two faces is quite an accomplishment but I counted at least 3 (technically more if you turn the deck the other way round) that I thought it deserved a mention.”


“All images attached (must say the quality is awful – couple an out of date camera phone with poor lighting and you get these, sorry).”


“My personal favourite is the smiley face that greets me when you open the control panel up (using the Start and Back buttons as eyes and the recess as a mouth). Enjoy” – Lee.