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Sony Europe would like you to know about its latest “viral” creation

It has made a joke! A funny web site about people addicted to social networking. Get ready to be amazed by the under-radar marketing power of the Social Media Addicts Association.

Very amusing. Haven’t bothered letting it load and pressing play yet, but it’s bound to be GREAT.


I just thought I’d send you a short email to let you know about a website we have recently produced: http://stopwritingonmywall.com. From looking at your site I thought you and your readers may enjoy some of the videos.

The site is the home of the Social Media Addicts Association, a self help group for people who can’t stop using Twitter, Facebook and other social media. It features a short video of one of the group’s regular meetings, and some information and advice for other social media addicts.

We created this site and the video for Sony Europe, and it’s an interesting new approach for the company because this is the first time it has used humorous viral content in this way, so we would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Google Android hacked to run on old desktops

This is great news. We were starting to get a bit sad about wasting way too much time on a wide portfolio of extremely pointless pursuits for the benefit of nobody. But it would turn out we are nothing like the worst offenders.


No idea what the point of this is. It’s the geek equivalent of an old man whittling on a stick.

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