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Gadgets with FACES #200: An LG LED Projector

We have limped over another milestone. It’s not the greatest Gadget with FACE we’ve ever had, but it’s a searing photoshoot and the best we can muster up for GWF #200.

LG LED Projector 1

Ideally, it, and by “it” we mean the projector, would have something to mirror the focus wheel, so it had “eyebrows” on both side of its face.

LG LED Projector 2

Also, it would be nice if it, and by “it” we mean the projector, had ventilation holes to either side, which could then be considered “ears”.

LG LED Projector 3

It’s also a shame that the LG logo doesn’t look more like a mouth.

LG LED Projector 4

And it would be nicer if the large dial was offset slightly lower, more akin to a “nose”.

LG LED Projector 5

Apart from that…

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Gadgets with FACES #199: A bit of Soviet space equipment

Sent in by reader “Chris” who didn’t supply any additional narrative, except a link to here where the photo came from.

soviet space face

“” – Chris.

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Gadgets with FACES #199: The bottom of a GPS thing

This one’s good. The more you look at it, the more amusing its wonky little eyes become. This update also incorporates the first ever READER’S FINGERPRINTS.

gps wonky eyes

“Been a while since I have sent anything in so thought would send in this little chap. This is hidden from view behind a plastic cover on a Sony GPS data logger” – DarlyB.

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Gadgets with FACES #199: A Plantronics phone switcher



“Found this little gem of a gadget with a face whilst installing my new phone system on my desk. It’s a headset/handset switcher. Hope you agree that it’s the perfect addition to your website” – Axel.

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Gadget with FACES #199: The Dell Mono Laser Printer

We’re going to do lots and lots of Gadgets with FACES updates classified as #199, so it looks like we did this and this on purpose as a joke. And not because we can’t count.

dell mono printer

What was the name of the fat old woman Les Dawson used to do?

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Gadgets with FACES #199: A Poundland iPhone cable

Check Poundland out! It’s getting in on the iAccessories scene, in an attempt to make it appeal to fashionable young consumers rather than fat old unemployed broken husks that shuffle around looking for cheap tea bags.

poundland ipod cable 1

“This little chappie was recently rescued from our local Cheap Electronic Rescue Center, commonly known as Poundland, but not even a nice iPod Touch based snack was enough to cheer him up. Poor fella” – Jay.

poundland ipod cable 2

Works a bit better cropped, where you can see just how unhappy it is at a life where its formative years were spent in Poundland, before it was off to the home of an Apple user. Then death. The glorious release of death.

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Gadgets with FACES #199: A bit of a man’s car and an “airpot pumper”

No, the car face is NOT the central control panel for once. This is not your standard radio-buttons-for-eyes and ashtray-for-mouth Gadget with FACE we’ve come to suspect.

It is something much smaller and less impressive than that.


“I looked up and there was a wee face staring down at me from the ceiling of the car. What it is, no man can say. The other crap pic (blame the iPhone) is of a 4-litre airpot pumper drinks dispenser whatnot that I ordered on my company credit card. Eyethangyew” – Roo.


And this is the “airpot pumper”. No idea what one of those is. Nothing made with that grade of plastic is on any use.

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Gadgets with FACES #198: The Philips SoundSphere

We’re thinking psychedelic frog with boggly eyes up on stalks, sort of winking with its left eye and with an LCD screen for a nose.

philips soundsphere face

The gap between the units is the mouth – the drive slot a self-consciously-styled beard. It could be a character from a DreamWorks animated movie about the music industry. It would talk with a French accent and make poor copies of Daft Punk records. Further backstory extrapolation available on request.

philips soundsphere face happy

Here’s one where it looks happier.

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Gadgets with THREE FACES: Stairville Scanner SC250 Pro


stairville scanner sc250 pro

“It is some sort of stage lighting apparatus. It’s got a little happy baby face (BLEEUUUGH,) an angry guy with big white teeth, and a sort of floating robot drone man. I think the baby might have pierced ears. I sincerely hope this is helpful information” – E.

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Gadgets with FACES #196: A Sauna stove

Never seen one of these. Don’t like being hot. Don’t like being naked. Don’t being hot and naked where another person might casually stroll through the door with an erection and sit on a towel next to us and start making small talk.

So they might all look like this, or this might be a one-off. We just don’t know.


“We call them ‘kiuas’ in Finnish. Not sure why he’s so happy about being filled with scorching hot rocks and being poured water over. Maybe it’s a she, with the ear jewelry and all” – Manu.

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