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EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES: James Wilson, New Chair of the MEDEC Board of Directors

This is exactly what we like to see. The moustache perfectly matches the hair. It could even be made from offcuts collected off the barber shop floor the last time James had a trim.


Uninspired graduated grey background ruins the shot. Imagine James in front of a blue sky or a moody cloudscape. In fact, don’t waste your time imagining it. Here it is:


Hope you appreciate the quality of the cut-out. It was done using the ‘Colour Range’ selection tool, a tool we’ve only just discovered the existence of. To say it has changed our perspective of Photoshop is an understatement.


To say it’s going to cause us trouble is also an understatement.

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EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES: Morgan Hertel, Director of Operations, Mace CSSS

Next up to offer us a manly shoulder to cry on as we try to carry on as if everything is the same as it always has been and nothing has been RUINED for EVER, is Morgan. Morgan Hertel.

You know, Morgan. The Director of Operations for Mace CSSS.

You know, Morgan. Face like it’s been vacuumed. Skin so soft the ladies from accounts are always making excuses to give him a stroke, as it reminds them of when they were young enough to be able to have babies. That Morgan. Morgan who’s always wearing those wacky ties. Charming man.

Hopefully he doesn’t spend his spare time Googling himself and complaining about what he’s found, like some of the moustachioed cunts we’ve featured before.

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