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BATTERIES: Duracell Procell, Golden Power, SKYSUN

A sensational set, featuring with flash and without flash variants, in situ shots, rare 9v action (connected and disconnected) and exciting images of the Duracell brand extension.



“Two naughty PP3 ‘Golden Power’ batteries and a couple of AA SKYSUNs (Extra Heavy Duty), found in 3 multimeters.”


“Also, a couple of newer Duracell Powrcell batteries that have now┬áreplaced the Skysuns.”


“Sorry picture quality’s not great, left my camera at home so had to
rely on a borrowed Nokia E75. Not too bad actually, for a phone. No idea what it’s like to actually use as a phone, though probably better than my camera is” – GigerPunk.


That’s OK. The harshness of the low-grade LED flash brings up the colours nicely.


This is the best one. It’s like the square ones are policemen and they have just disturbed the two AAs getting up to something naughty. And those screw holes look like eyes, so they’re doing it in a big mouth. Fucking hell, some sort of holiday or extreme muscle relaxant is required.

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BATTERY: The Batteri

Why yes, Erik, we do still “do” battery photographs. It’s just been quite a while since we last got sent one, therefore it’s been a while since we last uploaded one, therefore it looks like we don’t do them any more, therefore people stop sending them in and opening Hotmail becomes slightly sadder with each passing day.

But we do. Thanks for breaking the circle.


“I hope you still do hi-res battery pictures. I found this one in the forest so naturally I took it home and photographed it for the Internet. ‘Batteri’ means ‘battery’ in Swedish, I’ll let you figure out the rest of the intricacies of this particular design yourself.”


“Apparently it can power old rubbish Palm Pilots and portable CD players that look sort of like robot monkeys (it has a face so is doubly relevant for your web blog) but not dustbins” – Erik.

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Energizer in D-cell ‘fake’ claim

We have no idea if this web site is serious or not, but it’s running with a SHOCK OUTING of Energizer, claiming the renowned battery maker is putting AAs into fatter D-cell cases – and making up the extra girth with plastic padding.

It’s the battery equivalent of topping up nan’s bottle of gin with water.


“The Energizer ‘D’ battery is actually just a cheap plastic shell surrounding a much smaller, low-capacity battery similar in size and capacity to an “AA” battery” – Man on Internet.

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The “Gritty” – incorporating Canon IXUS 100IS photo sample

The words “prod” and “bottom” initially leap out at you. We can only apologise for the lewd tone of today.


“These batteries are ‘gritty’. I got so excited I damaged them while tearing them from their plastic womb. They were part of the http://xtreamer.net/ parcel. The camera is a Canon Ixus 100IS. ’12 megapixels, 6 of them working’. It’s a fine and sexy camera: very small form factor and – usually – rather good pics” – ‘An anonymous gentleman from Denmark’.

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Alternate colourway “Q-Connect” AA batteries

We have featured the Q-Connect before, back when it was sporting a fairly awful aquamarine colourway on the AAA variant – and back when we were sporting a much nicer red-based layout. That battery was also spotted by “Sebastian” and his little friend. Sebastain’s local newsagent must have acquired a big batch of Qs.


“Hey there! Here you have two pictures of the new and awsome Q-Connect batteries. The old blue-ish green has been replaced by a much nicer, warmer yellow-ish green. Well done, Q-Connect! May your power connect people and whatever that Q stands for.”


“Please change the site layout. After years of abuse my neck is fixed for reading things at the left corner of the screen. This is where text belongs” – Sebastian.

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Once proud “Great Power” battery range reduced to THIS

The amazing Great Power CR123A remains an in-house all-time favourite battery, with several unused examples still found lovingly stored in the Extra-Last sock drawer for posterity.

However, it would appear that Great Power’s parent company is in danger of breaching its banking covenants, leading to a desperate and depressing lowering of battery ‘sleeve’ design quality, as illustrated by this terrible latest ‘Great Power’ sighting…


“Attached are the Great Powers. I don’t know if these are branded, or if ‘Great Power’ is merely a statement of fact. I can get you photos without hand backgrounds if you like” – Will.

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BATTERY INNOVATIONS: A squeezable one made of memory foam

So it can be shaped and squished into any size of battery compartment or rectal cavity, apparently.


From here by a “Dan”. A Dan who would probably like it if at least 20 of you clicked on this link to his web site so he felt the time spent emailing Extra-Last wasn’t completely wasted.

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BATTERY GALLERY: Unitech and a BT DECT handset

Reader, comment-leaver, battery-lover and therefore MODEL HUMAN BEING “GigerPunk” has recorded the existence of yet another superb set of batteries.

Yes, they are rechargeables – but remember, some people complained when Bob Dylan went electric, and we’re going to have to switch over to covering rechargeables sooner or later to keep the environmentalists happy.

Anyway. Here’s another gallery.

unitech-rechargeable-batteries-1 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-2 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-3


FACE ALERT! How could you have spent so much time taking these photos, and not have noticed the torch-button-nosed face, Giger?

unitech-rechargeable-batteries-5 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-6 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-7

“Some rechargeable ‘Unitech’ batteries taken from a ruggedised-but-not-ruggedised-enough BT Dect phone. Don’t know if they’re the same Unitech that you’ve covered before, but these are batteries and that was an ATi Radeon graphics card.”


“Anyway, hopefully these are ok for next time you’re desperate for a battery update (no Daleks or Aliens powerloaders in these unfortunately – would it be better if I included more geeky toys? Only I kind of assumed the batteries were the stars really… I have more geeky toys that I shouldn’t have wasted decent money on but not on my desk at work unfortunately…)” – GigerPunk.

unitech-rechargeable-batteries-9 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-10 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-11

Daleks or no Daleks. It doesn’t matter.

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14 high resolution photos of a battered old 1980s CASIO battery

Oh yes. The words may be on the wrong side, but for straight-down-the-middle battery photography we remain the #1 place to be. #1 out of 1. The only place, basically. Over to regular reader “GigerPunk” for the introduction…

“An old Casio battery, taken from an over 20-year-old calculator (bought in about ’88 and had been working fine until recently on this original battery, can anyone beat that?). I’ve no idea if you’ve covered Casio batteries before, a search brought up far too many pages to hunt through (ie. 6) – I got bored halfway through the 1st page of cameras and watches and gave up. I’ve at least made an attempt to be topical by including a picture of it in my battery tester, which is the same type as in your last update and the same as ‘Prison Hardman’ admitted to having and Badben said there’s no need for…”

But first, please be seated for the safety announcements. Please read this and pay attention even if you have used batteries before. It could save your life in an emergency:


We’d like to warn you that this marks the first time we’ve ever used the WordPress auto-generating gallery feature. If the page goes all wonky and you can’t see the links, this is why.


This is quite possibly the finest photograph we have ever been sent. We’d be here all day typing the words required to express this if we’d just seen it and were trying to explain it. Thanks Mr GigerPunk – we will use your superb “Unitech” shots on a random future date…

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