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You can look like a Twitter star!

Good lord. Has it come to this? Are we all so desperate for popularity we will turn to a COOL BIRD IN SUNGLASSES for assistance? We would rather get caught looking at pornography of real birds wearing sunglasses than risk clicking on anything to do with this horrifying page.


Let’s not even refer to this product/tool by name, lest it gain .0000001 percent more status on the old Google rankings.

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New Robbie Williams album up on Spotify

Have given up trying to work out how the music industry works these days, as it doesn’t make much sense for a Big Pop Star to stick his new album up on a free streaming service. Shouldn’t they all be against this sort of thing?


But there it is. Have taken the liberty of Photoshopping out the “Recent Search” list as it was pretty bad. And looking at that image, it appears we have five “invites” to send out if anyone wants one.

A cursory skip through reveals what appears to be too many ballads and some “ironic” rock moments.

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Be glad you are not in America with Google Maps Navigator

Google is going to make lots of satnav companies and their shareholders very, very angry and quite significantly poorer with this – its free GPS navigation software, which will arrive as part of Android v2.0. That’s the news bit out of the way for today.


Real-time overlaid geo-tagged data will let you know which of these drivers has a gun and a criminal record.


You don’t really need satnav when your roads are just squares.

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If you’ve got a shit blog about SEGA, here’s something to put on it tomorrow you LOSER.


Say something funny about this, Mr SEGA LOSER.


Tomorrow’s going to be rubbish. It’ll loop. It’s bound to loop. It’ll loop, right? And did anyone catch Miss 20:20? Wow.

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LIVE BREAKING NEWS: Miss 12:10 is sad

She’s either been told she’s not getting paid for this or has realised the photos might end up on the internet. Or the photographer’s just asked her if she’s ever considered glamour modelling.


Certainly makes formulating fantasy scenarios involving love letters a bit easier when you know what their handwriting looks like.

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LIVE BLOG: Bijin-Tokei, AKA the Japanese Lady Clock

It only updates once every minute, but even a Japanese Lady Clock tells the right time once a minute.


If your workplace blocks internet TV services or most common types of pornography, this is a very good replacement.


We only ever glance at the TV once a minute nowadays, thanks to 24/7 ALWAYS ON INTERNET HELL.


“It’s a clock. It’s probably the best clock in the world. I can’t stop watching it. I’m not getting much work done” – Darrell.


See how early we get out of bed for YOUR entertainment?


You’re probably wondering if we could keep this up all day.


Probably could if challenged or forced.


But will stop soon.


Will be back after midnight tonight to see if it gets any spicier.


UP! hold it UP!


Thanks. Now change into something a little more serious and businesslike and grow your hair at the front.


“The photos can be saved in your photographic library. By doing so, it is possible to gaze at your favorite woman at any time”.


Here’s a link to the iPhone app, so the makers don’t mind the way we’ve ‘exported’ a good ten minutes of its content. See you same time tomorrow, ladies.

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