We don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest the viewer is being encouraged to mentally insert a penis into the space where this MP3 player sits.

DSC08716 crop 4

Only mentally. Physically would require permission forms to be filled out and signed by her parents and frankly that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

DSC09215 crop 3

Grip it properly! Don’t be timid. We’re not paying you to be timid. Use all your fingers.

Walkman A840 1

Brace yourself for the next photo. It’s a “How did that one get in here?” joke.

Walkman E450 1

How did that one get in here?

Walkman A840 2

In this one she’s gazing at the belly button, wondering why the fluff is always blue to take her mind off it.

Walkman A840 3 Walkman E450 3

Generally rubbing it around.

Walkman E450 4

Eyes closed, teeth gritted in preparation for impact.