Samsung has launched some new vacuum cleaners. It has opted not to use a cliched housewife model, but has instead given the scene a nice 60s “vibe”. The good old 1960s. No internet, but the women didn’t complain about being the only ones that ever clean up the crumbs.

samsung cordless vacuum 3

Frankly, she’d be best off getting down on her hands and knees with a cloth to clean that laminate. That would also make an even more appealing shoot.

samsung cordless vacuum 1 samsung cordless vacuum 2

Nice chairs. Nice shelves. Can’t say much else as we’ve already used today’s sexism allowance in the opening paragraph.

samsung cordless vacuum 4

The later photos in this series show her unsuccessfully trying to insert it. It was a very brave attempt, though.

Samsung launches 3 types of cordless stick vacuum cleaner and 5 types of handy cleaner on Jun. 25th. With Samsung’s twin chamber technology, the new cordless vacuum cleaners produce a stronger suction power.

The stick type has an auto shutter function that gives an excellent edge cleaning by automatically sensing edges and corners.

On top of that, the newest cordless vacuum cleaner ensures clean exhaust air, thanks to the adoption of HEPA filter system.