We have limped over another milestone. It’s not the greatest Gadget with FACE we’ve ever had, but it’s a searing photoshoot and the best we can muster up for GWF #200.

LG LED Projector 1

Ideally, it, and by “it” we mean the projector, would have something to mirror the focus wheel, so it had “eyebrows” on both side of its face.

LG LED Projector 2

Also, it would be nice if it, and by “it” we mean the projector, had ventilation holes to either side, which could then be considered “ears”.

LG LED Projector 3

It’s also a shame that the LG logo doesn’t look more like a mouth.

LG LED Projector 4

And it would be nicer if the large dial was offset slightly lower, more akin to a “nose”.

LG LED Projector 5

Apart from that…