We made a joke. Reader “ThreeOliveMartini” emailed these battery photos in, then we replied saying “TIANQIU VERY MUCH.”

It just came to us. Just like that. We should be on stage in front of thousands, not slumped in front of a whirring Dell constantly on the verge of tears.

tianquiu power cell 1

“Tianqiu could mean many things, including heaven-autumn or jade earplug-small dragon with horns. Hard to say without the hanzi.”

tianquiu power cell 2

“Is it wrong to like them more when they’re torn and battered?”

tianquiu power cell 3

“The copy under the maple/cannabis leaf says “Mercury = 0″. Phew.”

tianquiu power cell 4

“Depth of field motherfuckers” – ThreeOliveMartini.