Here’s a lovely photo story, in which two ladies go to the park to look at dog photographs on their new Samsung N230 “netbook” and mess around with bubbles.

samsung n230 netbook 1

Here they are on the way to the park. The practical one in the blue dress has brought something to sit on and some food, while the one in white is only bothered about going on the internet. She probably finds the one in the blue hard work.

samsung n230 netbook 2

No idea what they’re laughing about. In which order they’d wank off the England team to cheer them up? “Who’s last? WAYNE ROONEY! HA HA HA!”

samsung n230 netbook 3

Oh, she didn’t bring something to sit on, just a change of outfits. We suspect this sequence is designed to illustrate the N230’s 10.1-inch LED backlit anti-reflective display.

samsung n230 netbook 4

We have stopped paying attention to CPUs, so the Intel N450 this comes with means nothing. All we know is we went through a period of reviewing laptops for “work” about two years ago, and everything that had an Intel Atom inside it was rubbish.

samsung n230 netbook 5

Is this what women do?