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Gadgets with FACES #199: A Poundland iPhone cable

Check Poundland out! It’s getting in on the iAccessories scene, in an attempt to make it appeal to fashionable young consumers rather than fat old unemployed broken husks that shuffle around looking for cheap tea bags.

poundland ipod cable 1

“This little chappie was recently rescued from our local Cheap Electronic Rescue Center, commonly known as Poundland, but not even a nice iPod Touch based snack was enough to cheer him up. Poor fella” – Jay.

poundland ipod cable 2

Works a bit better cropped, where you can see just how unhappy it is at a life where its formative years were spent in Poundland, before it was off to the home of an Apple user. Then death. The glorious release of death.

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“MSI launches the Wind Top AE2400 All-In-One PC”

Hope that man is only an optional extra. It would be rather intrusive if you couldn’t take him off when you need to get some work done.

msi wind ae2400 pc

On the plus side, it’s nice to see MSI finally “editorialising” its promotional imagery. It usually sends out blank-screened images of laptops.

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CELEBRITY HOLDING: Palm Pre Special Edition

Quite some time ago, if we’re being honest, Palm, or the poor mobile network responsible for trying to sell Palm mobile phones to a disinterested audience in the UK market, held a launch party for its Palm Pre.

Quite a few famous people who were in need of a new free mobile phone at the time turned up for it.

mel b palm pre

Mel B turned up! Even [insert reader’s name] must recognise Mel B.

miquita oliver palm pre

Miquita Oliver turned up! She was entertaining on the telly.

matthew horne palm pre

That man off the TV turned up. He’s only recently famous, so we haven’t really seen anything he’s been in due to almost totally giving up on watching TV.

alphabeat palm pre

And pop band Alphabeat turned up, but they’re too nervous and forgot to show off the phone. Or maybe they didn’t get a free one, as they do look a bit moody.

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Gadgets with FACES #199: A bit of a man’s car and an “airpot pumper”

No, the car face is NOT the central control panel for once. This is not your standard radio-buttons-for-eyes and ashtray-for-mouth Gadget with FACE we’ve come to suspect.

It is something much smaller and less impressive than that.


“I looked up and there was a wee face staring down at me from the ceiling of the car. What it is, no man can say. The other crap pic (blame the iPhone) is of a 4-litre airpot pumper drinks dispenser whatnot that I ordered on my company credit card. Eyethangyew” – Roo.


And this is the “airpot pumper”. No idea what one of those is. Nothing made with that grade of plastic is on any use.

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“Summer fun” promised by Samsung WP10 waterproof digital camera

Oh yes, you know the combination of “Samsung” and “waterproof camera” can only mean one thing…

It’s the Swimsuit Round!

samsung wp 10 waterproof camera 1 samsung wp 10 waterproof camera 4

Don’t panic, the pictures go bigger than this. We’re just using an alternate layout to get out of having to write individual captions for each one.

samsung wp 10 waterproof camera 2

Although, it shouldn’t be that hard writing captions when you’re allowed to use as many variations of the word “fluid” as you can think of.

samsung wp 10 waterproof camera 3

“Moist… wet… damp… dripping… spray… spraying… squirt… etc etc”

samsung wp 10 waterproof camera 5

Swimming in it. Here’s the official text:

Samsung announced on Jun. 14th the launch of its waterproof compact camera WP10 that boasts 12M pixels sensor, 5x optical zoom and 2.7-inch Intelligent LCD.

WP10 has a function of waterproof that withstands up to 3m in the water or dust for an hour. 2.7-inch Intelligent LCD on the back controls the screen brightness in response to changes in the surrounding illumination, allowing vivid images in water and land.

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We do like the ones about music. It’s hard to illustrate a man listening to music, so here he is, looking as the empty space where he imagines the sound waves might be:


Incredibly, that unit seems to have been Photoshopped in, as its legs are not producing any shadows. You’d think it would be easier to set this dull scene up in a corner of the office than create it digitally.

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Samsung’s new washing machine has the largest drum capacity yet

Ideal for children. Just put them in, clothes and all.

samsung child capacity

Give them a fragrant plant to hold, so they emerge smelling fresh. Stronger detergents are available for little boys.

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This is what everyone in London thinks they look like:

philips gogear muse

Obviously didn’t actually fly model to Japan. And we only go back to London for funerals and low-power business meetings these days, so don’t care if we’re due a beating on arrival next time.

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She’ll never get that in on her own

Bloody delivery men.

samsung washing machine

At least they took away the old one.

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Gadgets with FACES #198: The Philips SoundSphere

We’re thinking psychedelic frog with boggly eyes up on stalks, sort of winking with its left eye and with an LCD screen for a nose.

philips soundsphere face

The gap between the units is the mouth – the drive slot a self-consciously-styled beard. It could be a character from a DreamWorks animated movie about the music industry. It would talk with a French accent and make poor copies of Daft Punk records. Further backstory extrapolation available on request.

philips soundsphere face happy

Here’s one where it looks happier.

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