Quite some time ago, if we’re being honest, Palm, or the poor mobile network responsible for trying to sell Palm mobile phones to a disinterested audience in the UK market, held a launch party for its Palm Pre.

Quite a few famous people who were in need of a new free mobile phone at the time turned up for it.

mel b palm pre

Mel B turned up! Even [insert reader’s name] must recognise Mel B.

miquita oliver palm pre

Miquita Oliver turned up! She was entertaining on the telly.

matthew horne palm pre

That man off the TV turned up. He’s only recently famous, so we haven’t really seen anything he’s been in due to almost totally giving up on watching TV.

alphabeat palm pre

And pop band Alphabeat turned up, but they’re too nervous and forgot to show off the phone. Or maybe they didn’t get a free one, as they do look a bit moody.