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LG Ally, Iron Man, and a couple of women

The one on the right looks like she’s a minor television celebrity in the region, while the one on the left is probably a competition winner. No offence.

lg all android iron man

She might be the head of marketing for LG EMEA, perhaps, as that would explain the expensive shoes.

lg all android iron man 2

The one on the right wins here, as she knows how to get Android 2.1 out of its screensaver mode. That’s properly advanced tech know-how.

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*JINGLE* Promotional Image of the Weeeeek

The Duke of Westminster regularly manages to guzzle down a whole pint. He’s been put on a special high-protein diet.


Not quite as arousing as Pixie Lott’s milk moustache, but it’s probably aimed at an entirely different demographic.

Duke of Westminster launches dairy farmer campaign


The Duke of Westminster has officially launched the Love Milk Love Local campaign at Holme Farm Dairies in Lancashire.

The campaign, devised by Penwortham based Holme Farm Dairies, a family run milk processor with 30 milkmen servicing the Lancashire region, aims to reassure customers that the milk delivered to their doorstep is from a farm in their region.

Jonathan Simpson, owner of Holme Farm Dairies comments: “Food seems to come from all over the world these days, and you never quite know what you’re getting. Here at Holme Farm Dairies we wanted to reassure local people that they are getting milk from local cows, bottled by a local company and delivered to the doorstep in time for breakfast.

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Canon is still insisting on spending HUGE amounts of cash on putting together these bizarre “fashion” shoots for its new cameras. We’ve never seen one anywhere. Apart from on here.

IXUS 130 BLACK Fashion Image 02 RGB HRES

We’re not complaining. It’s nice that Canon spends £20k on a photoshoot so we can look at dresses to see if they’re see-though or not.

IXUS 130 ORANGE Fashion Image 01 RGB HRES

It would be much easier to do that if you just put the camera down on the sink. No wait, that’s too much of a risk. Carry on. As you were.

IXUS 130 PINK Fashion Image 04 RGB HRES

We think Photoshop Disasters would have something to say about that reflection.

IXUS 130 SILVER Fashion Image 03 RGB HRES

She’s got her cigarettes in her other hand and her mobile phone taped to her thigh.

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Instant World Cup Party Barbecue

Imagine the fun of sitting around this, prodding pale white tubes of fat and grey circles of mashed-up veins, while England spend the last 35 minutes of the last group match hoof increasingly desperate longballs up the field in the hope of magically scoring a goal.

world cup promotional barbecue

Oh yes, that was a football reference. We like to annoy football people by only liking football once every four years. They hate that even more than when you say you only watch Match of the Day because Frank Lampard’s “A nice bit of rough”.

Cook up a World Cup Footy Feast with Bar-Be-Quick’s Instant World Cup Party Barbecue

Celebrate this summer’s World Cup with the whole family – and a squad of friends and neighbours – by cooking up a footy feast to remember! Luckily Bar-Be-Quick has made it easy for you with its limited edition Instant World Cup Party Barbecue.

Now you can create a fabulous football crazy party with hassle-free cooking and no messy clearing up – a winning combination. Whether you are watching the football on TV at home or re-living the excitement with a kickabout at the park or the beach, Bar-Be-Quick’s Instant World Cup Party Barbecue will really get the party started.

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UltraCMOS 180nm SOS Semiconductor on 200mm Wafer and LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY!

We don’t know much about semiconductors, but they usually seem to be handled by robots in sterile environments.

peregrine semiconductor

Basically, she’s ruined this one.

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BATTERIES: The Tudor Motor

BATTERIES! How the heart skips a beat when you load up the emails on the internet machine and see THREE separate 4.7MB attachments of pure POWER – complete with overseas language and bizarre mascot.

swedish tudor battery 3

“Swedish, with a nipple, kind of blondeish in colour and with stuff protruding out of it” – Tor.

swedish tudor battery 1

Professional shooting, Tor. We hope you don’t mind us looking at your EXIF data and telling the world (or about 100 men and maybe still three women) that you’re using a Panasonic DMC-GF1 and that you’d deliberately turned the flash off.

swedish tudor battery 2

We didn’t think any readers remained from when we used to do batteries.

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We now think it’s an air conditioning unit

And this is the air conditioning unit repairman. Looks like the sort of man you can’t wait to get rid of, while you stand there, nodding and smiling on the outside, while on the inside imagining yourself knocking him out with one punch.

lg air con 1 lg air con 2

lg air con 3

It tells a story. No idea what story. Image #4 will probably involve panic, image #5 blood.

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Trousers, skin, or just the chair?

It’s your choice.

lg massage chair 2

Trousered, for publicity purposes in conservative countries and the Middle-East.

lg massage chair 3

A costume change for us.

lg massage chair 1

And just the chair, for the Argos catalogue, or whatever the Korean equivalent of the Argos catalogue is.

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