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The first UK Apple iPad buyer!

Oh dear. Apple should’ve done a better containment job of ensuring some cute little hipster in ballet shoes and ironic clothing got to the front of the queue. Not this.

This is a PR disaster. This won’t be in the Evening Standard tonight.

first uk ipad buyer

Pic via Wired and Twitter and loads of other people from all over the place.

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The duller the product…

…the smaller the dress.

lg nt1 burner

Imagine what she’d be wearing if this was a network server.

lg nt1 burner 2

It’s a good work-out for her little arms.

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Samsung reveals Life From the Perspective of Keanu Reeves

Now you too can experience life from the perspective of Keanu Reeves, thanks to Samsung’s new Life From the Perspective of Keanu Reeves!

life keanu reeves

They’re not real. Take a pill and you’ll wake up alone with a headache and congealed semen everywhere.

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*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeeeek

If you’ve ever taken an internal flight in the US, you’ll recognise these ladies. They’re all like this out there – 40+ with smiles barely masking the intense internal aggression brought on by spending 20 years having to be nice to idiots.

united airlines flight attendants

Richard Branson personally hired them in 1985, and they’ve been slowly moving down the professional ranks ever since.

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NEW BLOG IDEA: Big things (misc)

Anything big. A blog about anything that’s made out of cardboard to a size that’s at least 10 times bigger than it’s supposed to be, making it symbolic of the company’s brand.

Schlage big key

Or keys. A blog about keys. Photos of women holding keys? Black men looking awkward? Photos in which you can see pipework in the corner of a room?

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NEW BLOG IDEA: Big Cheques, for Low Amounts

What we really need is another blog. We’ve already suggested ‘Big Cheques’ but to give it an extra twist, how about ‘Big Cheques for Low Amounts’?

hersheys big cheque

As in, we start off with this, then try to find a Big Cheque for a Lower Amount every day (preferably week). Eventually, we’d discover the point at which it becomes simply too inefficient to pay to have a big cheque printed out.

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LG LED TV lady pretending to be a DJ

Yeah, right. Sure. Of course she is. Utterly believable.

lg led tv dj

Can someone help her plug in her iPod Touch?

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*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeeek

This is a lovely moment. It’s from a Spanish LED TV presentation event held by LG. We suspect the man works for LG, but the lady is only hired entertainment.

She could, at a push, be the receptionist.

lg full led presentation

He’s not taking any risks at all with his hand positioning. Well done, man!

lg full led presentation desktop

It makes a good desktop image.

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New ultraportable laptop solution offers mobility and class-leading…




TECLAST Taipower X8 1




TECLAST Taipower X8 2


TECLAST Taipower X8 3

This latest Teclast finding was submitted by “GigerPunk” who is extremely vigilant and selfless when it comes to regularly checking the Teclast site for new photoshoots.

TECLAST Taipower X8 4

Here she is doing here “I’ve been naughty and I know it” face. She’s got yogurt on the trackpad, we’d imagine.

TECLAST Taipower X8 5

Needs a bit of sun.

TECLAST Taipower X8 6

Needs a bit of [EDIT TO PERSONAL TASTE].

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What’s wrong with this picture of Skype 5.0?

Oh yes, no one’s got their cock out.

skype video calling

And grandma isn’t licking her own tits. No idea what bizarre alternate internet the Skype office is connected to.

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