We’ve had a couple of extremely odd product holding scenarios emailed in recently, both interesting in their own little ways. So we’ve combined them into one update, so it feels a bit special and looks like we’ve put in the same amount of effort as we used to in the old days.

model-is-5-foot-six-1 model-is-5-foot-six-3

This one was sent in by “Richard”. The gardening web site (SCROLL DOWN) features this lady standing beside trees at the bottom of every page, to help viewers get an idea of the height of trees. They’re all about the same. We can only conclude the man in charge really likes looking at this lady and this was the best excuse he could come up with to spend a whole day staring at her and wondering if she eats properly or is just very active.

mec-stool-1 mec-stool-3

mec-stool-4 mec-stool-5

And this is an arty chair shoot, sent in by “Grill” who we used to sit next to in depressing office confinement a few years ago. It’s the Mec Stool by Sebastian Jansson, which is “A highly personal though simple and rigid plywood structure, with a playful look” if that makes any sense to you.