Here’s a follow-up, as if one was actually needed, to “GigerPunk”‘s superb thing-spotting odyssey around London. It’s the long-awaited video of him checking his hotel room upon arrival.

If you don’t get to see the inside of modern hotel rooms due to having the sort of job where spending £60 to house a member of staff is considered too much of a luxury, this is why everyone complains about how depressing they are.

“And all it took was alleged female ‘ThreeOliveMartini’ expressing a vague interest for me to upload my first video to YouTube (with the exception of a couple of Spore creature creations, which don’t really count as that was pretty much done automatically by the Spore Creature Creator anyway)”.

This is going to have to go in “uncategorized” as the closest we’ve got is probably “Toilet Equipment with Faces” and it’s not really anything like that.