Man sent this in. We have to use it, as this could be the sort of lowest-common-denominator thing that gets upwards of 10 Diggs and may even make the front page of the printed-out monthy Twitter Digest.

The full scientific explanation of the penile spatial anomaly can be found here.


“Nothing to do with SEGA, nor something with a face, nor someone holding something, and not even a gray-haired man posing in an ill fitting suit. But it is a penis in space. To save you having to look through a genuine astrophysics paper, I have attached the figure for your amusement.

“The caption reads ‘Fig. 2.— ACS three-color image of HCG 31. The gray polygons denote the boundaries of the physical regions associated with the galaxies and tidal structures in HCG 31 as labeled. They were defined by eye to encompass the optical light associated with each region.’ and not ‘LOOK AT THE WANG’. Not found by me but a close astrophysicist. It pays to keep at least one close” – SigF.