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Vodafone UK in sexy web chat “Bait and Switch”

So there we were, idly browsing the Vodafone UK site for possible NEXT NEW PHONES, when up pops the chance to engage in a bit of live, one-to-one chat with what must surely be the most attractive call centre operative working in the UK today:

vodafone advisor sexy chat

Oh yes please! Tell us all about the Nexus One and Vodafone’s upgrade packages!

vodafone advisor sexy chat FAILURE

Then we got connected to “Mike”. Bastards. Try going here and seeing who you get. Bet it’ll be Mike again.

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LG VACUUM CLEANER PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK: Gabourey Sidibe, Olivia Wilde and Maria Bello

Sorry. There’s loads of them. This will really be the end of it.


Really getting down there to work the shaft. It’s true – the larger ladies really do work harder. Even at vacuuming.


Check out how NOT BOTHERED Matt Dillon is by Olivia Wilde in flimsy silk. That’s how gay rumours start, Matt.


Mario Bello. Haven’t seen any of her films.

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LG VACUUM CLEANER PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK: Actress Zoe Kravitz and musician Lenny Kravitz with the LG Electronics Kompressor Vacuum

Just one more. Look how cool Lenny is – he’s OPENLY DEFYING the promotion by not doing a pretend bit of vacuuming and trying to palm the cleaner off on his wife.

He is THAT rock and roll.

lenny kravitz lg

No goody bag for you, Lenny. You’ll have to buy your own last-gen LG Viewty if you want one.

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LG VACUUM CLEANER PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK: Actor Souleymane Sy Savane with the LG Electronics Kompressor Vacuum

We have enough material to string this out for a week. Whether or not we have the stomach for a fight with you lot about doing so is another matter.

Souleymane Sy Savane LG

Don’t hold it like it’s made of glass, GET IN THERE.

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“The Faces Behind the Famous Hands”

This behind-the-scenes exclusive comes courtesy of The Big Money.


So they were someone else’s thumbs stuck on by computer. Case closed.

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Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal and BONUS Taraji P. Henson LG vacuum cleaner action

LG has really pushed the boat out. The contacts book has been well and truly plundered. Please welcome the A-List of vacuum cleaner promotion.


Jeff’s loving it. Looks like it’s the first time he’s ever had a go on a vacuum cleaner. He also appears to be getting a round of applause.

maggie gyllenhaal lg vacuum

Maggie seems to be showing the signs of self-awareness and shame we would expect from someone involved in a vacuuming event.

taraj p henson lg vacuum

This is Taraji P. Henson. She’s grateful of any publicity, in the hope that one day people like us might hear her name and know who she is and what she does without there being a 20-second pause while we look her up.

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Jodie Foster also had a go on the LG vacuum cleaner!

It’s the hot new Hollywood sensation!


That’s convincing. Both hands, enthusiastic smile – she’s in her element. TOMORROW: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bridges.

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*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeek

It’s last-gen Hollywood heart-throb Matt Dillon, who seems to be willingly involving himself in some LG vacuum cleaner promotional activity.

matt dillon lg vacuum

He’s trying his best to look all cool about it, but no amount of facial posing can save your dignity when there’s a pay cheque and vacuum cleaner involved.

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Penis-like outline spotted in space

Man sent this in. We have to use it, as this could be the sort of lowest-common-denominator thing that gets upwards of 10 Diggs and may even make the front page of the printed-out monthy Twitter Digest.

The full scientific explanation of the penile spatial anomaly can be found here.


“Nothing to do with SEGA, nor something with a face, nor someone holding something, and not even a gray-haired man posing in an ill fitting suit. But it is a penis in space. To save you having to look through a genuine astrophysics paper, I have attached the figure for your amusement.

“The caption reads ‘Fig. 2.— ACS three-color image of HCG 31. The gray polygons denote the boundaries of the physical regions associated with the galaxies and tidal structures in HCG 31 as labeled. They were defined by eye to encompass the optical light associated with each region.’ and not ‘LOOK AT THE WANG’. Not found by me but a close astrophysicist. It pays to keep at least one close” – SigF.

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Can someone fix it so every photo LG releases automatically comes up on here? It would save an awful lot of effort. A couple of lines of code and we’d be FREE from these SHACKLES.

lg infinia laid flat+2

Careful, love, this is a demo model and it’s very valuable. Don’t push it too hard, as we’d hate for it to…

lg infinia laid flat


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