Here’s another one of these, accompanied by a touching story about a reader who maintains a SECRET LIFE as an ordinary member of society who does shockingly normal things. Really wish we’d tagged up all the previous ‘Bags with Faces’ we’ve had as there’s been loads and they’ve all been quite good.

We didn’t think there would be enough mileage in it to make into a proper ‘thing’. If only we’d known just how much it could’ve been milked.


“While out wedding shoe shopping with my soon-to-be wife, god help me, I spotted this little fella which cheered me up no end. As you can see from the pic I tried to secretly take the photo while my GF was distracting the shopkeeper, who I shall call Big Gay Al, after the South Park Character. While nonchalantly pretending to text. Hence the thumb in frame. The bag looked a bit S&M to me, so I was disappointed not to find an orange ball inside when I managed to unbolt his cakehole” – Ian / Cyberfyn.

“After several hours we still didn’t find ‘the’ shoes”