A brilliant gonzo street find from semi-pro comment-leaver “Courtster” here, which reveals several ALL-NEW Apple Specialists we have not yet catalogued and are yet to see rolled-out to EMEA regions!

His report’s a bit long, but bear with it – he got out his camera and took a photo in the street for this. That takes GUTS.

apple specialists life-size

“I hope I don’t come over too drunk in this mail, as I am in the Boston Airport BA lounge getting royally steaming before the flight home – don’t listen to that guy from Die Hard who tells John McClane that the only way to survive air travel is to ‘make fists with your toes’ – It’s booze, lots of booze.

“Me and my friend were enjoying the sights of Boston, MA (well looking for a cigar bar) when we stumbled upon the Apple Store. Their stupid glass front was filled with Apple specialists just waiting to assist us. Can you imagine my annoyance though, when I realised that I’d left the camera in my room, and all I had to capture this was my friends
iPhone. So no need to get excited about the EXIF data.

“Boston was great by the way. It’s much friendlier and accessible than NYC. I recommend you all go. There’s even a CEX there so you can buy overpriced stolen phones the other side of the Atlantic too” – Courtster.