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A 4389 x 829 image of a TV from above

You’re not going to see this anywhere else on the internet today, so we can confidently tag this up as a WORLD EXCLUSIVE.

lg ld750

We were secretly/desperately hoping there’d be a face of some sorts, as hinted at by those deep and inviting screw holes, but no. This update doesn’t even work on that flimsy level.

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Hanako “Practise Robot”

It’s primary design feature is to help dentists learn about not poking their instruments through a patient’s cheek while subtly glancing at the cleavage of lady patients whenever they blink. It’s secondary and tertiary design features are as yet undocumented.

“I’m sure there are better uses for this technology. Can’t think what they could be, though” – Darrell

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The Matrix IV

This has got to be the most insane promotional photograph we’ve yet crudely resized for upload. It’s all over the place. No one took “ownership” of the shoot.

LG Infinia full led 1

It seems to have been built up in layers out of a free-to-use promotional photography clip art library.

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Abel & Cole’s Family Mushroom Stroganoff Pie

The pie… has a… FACE ON IT :(

abel cole family mushroom stroganoff

“Pie. Face. Pie-face! Not technology, certainly, but then neither are buildings or handbags” – Ronan.

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Apple Specialists MADE REAL!

A brilliant gonzo street find from semi-pro comment-leaver “Courtster” here, which reveals several ALL-NEW Apple Specialists we have not yet catalogued and are yet to see rolled-out to EMEA regions!

His report’s a bit long, but bear with it – he got out his camera and took a photo in the street for this. That takes GUTS.

apple specialists life-size

“I hope I don’t come over too drunk in this mail, as I am in the Boston Airport BA lounge getting royally steaming before the flight home – don’t listen to that guy from Die Hard who tells John McClane that the only way to survive air travel is to ‘make fists with your toes’ – It’s booze, lots of booze.

“Me and my friend were enjoying the sights of Boston, MA (well looking for a cigar bar) when we stumbled upon the Apple Store. Their stupid glass front was filled with Apple specialists just waiting to assist us. Can you imagine my annoyance though, when I realised that I’d left the camera in my room, and all I had to capture this was my friends
iPhone. So no need to get excited about the EXIF data.

“Boston was great by the way. It’s much friendlier and accessible than NYC. I recommend you all go. There’s even a CEX there so you can buy overpriced stolen phones the other side of the Atlantic too” – Courtster.

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Eye-Fi Connect X2 – UK prices and dates like we’re PROPER

We got sent a press release! It’s for the Eye-Fi Connect X2 , which is a new variant of the Eye-Fi SD card range. It’s got a wi-fi adaptor inside it, a fact you ought to be able to work out yourselves from the hint given in the product name.

And look, it’s so easy to use it’s perfectly OK to let your girlfriend be in control of the mouse during the critical initial setup process:

eye-fi-x2-connect 2

Here’s the spec sheet, as the email arrived at 8.34am today and we got up early which means we could technically be the first people on the internet to have the UK prices. Not that anyone will notice:

Eye-Fi Connect X2 – At 4GB capacity, the Eye-Fi Connect X2 will automatically upload JPEG photos and videos to the computer and one of more than 25 online sharing sites, such as Flickr, Facebook, YouTube or Picasa, through a Wi-Fi network. MSRP: £49.99.

Eye-Fi Explore X2 – At 8GB of capacity, the Eye-Fi Explore X2 will automatically upload JPEG photos and videos to the computer and one of more than 25 online sharing sites. It offers lifetime automatic geotagging so photos and videos arrive at the user’s computer with location information already included to identify where the image was captured. MSRP: £99.99.

Eye-Fi Pro X2 – Unveiled at CES and winner of CNET’s “Best of CES” award, the 8GB Eye-Fi Pro X2 will automatically upload JPEG and RAW photos and videos to the home computer, and will send them to one of more than 25 online sharing sites. It also allows users to create an ad hoc connection directly to their computer to wirelessly upload photos and videos while away from a wireless router. MSRP: £119.99.

All Eye-Fi Cards are available the end of April 2010 at retailers including; Apple; Best Buy; Jessops; Micro Anvika and Warehouse Express.

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Gadgets with FACES #193: A bit of a trousers tag

Aren’t these tags supposed to be removed in the shop, Mike? Have you been stealing trousers and melting/smashing off the security tags?

trouser spy

“One trouser spy with face. This is an extreme close up of the chip embedded in a Marks & Spencer’s RFID ‘intelligent label’ that was attached to a rather dull pair of trousers. Not only does it have a face but it was ‘watching me’. Spooky” – Mike.

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Gadgets with FACES #192: An ice maker

We’re starting to get nervous about the big 2-0-0 Gadgets with FACES update that’s approaching. Might have to take the camera out to Currys to capture something special. Not that Kirk’s ice maker here isn’t special – it’s rare to see such a proportionate nose.

WARNING: Kirk’s description is extremely graphic.


“This is the ice maker we got with our new fridge. It has an odd lightup mouth, but it is extraordinarily good at making and holding ice. You have to pull his forehead out and fill his brain with water, then once it is frozen you can twist his eyes and it falls into his mouth. The ice cube tray on top is the much more exciting space invaders one
someone gave me” – Kirk.

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LG goes for new World Best!

The key is to start with a few, then gradually build up your numbers. It helps the photographer build shot composition, plus the assistants don’t have to get all the phones out at once.

lg cyon record holding attempt 1

Three is easy. Three is virtually standard nowadays. If we’d booked this, we’d have expected to get three, even if we’d only paid for half an hour with two.

lg cyon record holding attempt 2

Now things are hotting up. It’s a rare Penta-Display. The additional two also look like they’re porn twins.

lg cyon record holding attempt 3

A full Octa-Display! We haven’t seen a full Octa in public since the great collapsing chair tragedy of Dortmund 1986, in which three girls lost fingers in folding hinges.

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LG seems to be nicknaming one of its new phones the “waffle” for some reason, probably because the icons on the screen look like a waffle, or the design on the back looks like it’s been put through a waffling process.

This has resulted in one of the most bizarre photoshoots we have yet seen. You can probably guess what is about to unfold if you paid attention to Paragraph (a).

lg phone waffle 1

Yep, the phone has been placed on some waffles.

lg phone waffle 2

And it gets worse – the phone is now touching moist fruit and is PERILOUSLY CLOSE to some ice cream.

lg phone waffle 3

Hopefully that’s just an empty prototype case.

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