Got sent this enormous 4.2MB photo of a house or at least building with a face in London, accompanied by an essay about film cameras and fictional EXIF data. It’s humbling when readers put in more effort than we’ve managed for months.


“So I think this is someone’s home. It’s in a location in London which I feel may be rich pickings for Static Non-Powered Objects with Faces, so I’m not going to reveal exactly where in case it ruins my chances of appearing on here every week for the next 7 years. Which is obviously my only ambition in life.

You may find the EXIF data disappointing, if it even exists. I expect you’ll find some babble about Photoshop, that’s because I took this photo using a film camera. Remember those? I found one recently that I didn’t know I had, took it out “for a spin”…and got this. Impressive huh?

Here’s your analogue EXIF data

Camera: Weird Minolta AFT thing that seems to serve no useful purpose

Film: Fuji 400H – too expensive for such a crap camera

Exposure: Who knows? It’s a needlessly massive point and shoot.

Processing: The lovely lady at Snappy Snaps

Scanning: Badly. Me. At home

Dust marks: Probably on the scanner, or maybe the film – can’t be bothered to remove it from such a godawful photo.

Should have taken it on my phone really” – S.