There was a story attached to these. It went something like “Hello, it’s GigerPunk AGAIN. I got my friend, who’s a professional photographer, to take some ridiculously high-res photos of some batteries with his fancy camera”.

The end result is ten 4.3MB photos of a varied selection of batteries (CAUTION: Contains rechargeables), weighing in at 3888 x 2592 and taken by a Canon EOS 40D. Some of the focus work is superb.


They took quite a long time to upload. While this one was uploading we made a cup of tea.


While this one was uploading we went outside and fed the chickens, not that it’s worth feeding the chickens given the number of eggs they lay – ZERO.


While this one was uploading we paced anxiously around the kitchen, worrying about what’s for dinner tonight. We had the sausages yesterday so… god knows. Will probably have to go to the shop and get more sausages later.


While this one was uploading we browsed the Sony Ericsson press extranet. Which, in hindsight, only served to make the upload even slower.


While this one was uploading we made a cup of coffee with two teaspoons of coffee, as doing nothing on the internet all day is more fun with lots of coffee inside you.


While this one was uploading we bought a bit more credit on Newzbin, to allow the prompt downloading of the new episodes of Lost in HD.


Not sure what we did while this one was uploading.


While this one was uploading we tutted and sighed at some of the rubbish things people email to us, expecting us to get excited about.


And while this one was uploading we compiled this list of what we did while the others uploaded.


It took about 20 minutes in total.