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*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeeeek

Here’s global humanitarian and sports icon Muhammad Ali and multi-Grammy Award winner and pop super star Christina Aguilera, teaming up to launch what looks like a new brand of cheese.

It’s a kind of brie. Muhammad Ali really hates brie.

Aguilera and Ali

Looks like she got a bit of her jumper stretched in the fight. He may be old, but he can still fend off Christina Aguilera.

“Global humanitarian and sports icon Muhammad Ali and multi-Grammy Award winner and pop super star Christina Aguilera join forces to help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Haiti relief efforts by appearing in a new global Public Service Announcement underwritten by the Yum! Brands Foundation. Donations raised through the PSA, urging people to give $5 by texting FRIENDS to 90999 or donate online at, will go directly to support WFP’s efforts to get food to earthquake survivors in Haiti”.

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Samsung cleverly installs low tables at Mobile World Congress

Genius table placement. The lower the table, the lower they have to bend. The lower they have to bend, the better the photo opportunity.

Here’s the Samsung Wave.

samsung wave

Not particularly interested in the phone, as it uses Samsung’s BADA operating system. We know a bit more about mobile operating systems these days, we are sad to report.

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LG’s “Chocolate Love” video incident

There’s a nice awkward moment at around the 13 second mark, when two of the girls make eye contact with the viewer. If you are uneasy about the whole eye contact thing, do not watch this.

They look at you like they know what you’re thinking and they mind.

This was sent in by “The ‘R’ Man” so you can blame him for the fact it was originally uploaded to YouTube on October 14 2009, already has 1.5m views and might, therefore, be considered “old”. We haven’t seen it due to living in a vacuum.

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Teclast’s C510HD brings ‘Full HD’ media support to mainstream consumers, thanks to enhanced…




teclast ch510hd 1


teclast ch510hd 2




teclast ch510hd 3


teclast ch510hd 4

Yes, you can click on them and they go bigger. That’s the ‘Teclast Difference’. Teclast understands the click-to-go-bigger needs of its end users.

teclast ch510hd 5

Ha ha, we said “end users”. As in bell-end users.

teclast ch510hd 6

As in wanking.

teclast ch510hd 7

As in you can see a bit of the side of one of her tits, so you might as well barricade yourself into the bathroom and see if anything happens.

teclast ch510hd 8

One for the feet men! She’s even splaying her toes. Phwoar, eh, feet men? Have a look at the WIDTH of that SPLAY. You can see RIGHT INBETWEEN.

teclast ch510hd 9

Another one for the tits men. The tits men are going to come out of this best, to be honest. It’s pretty much entirely a tits-oriented shoot.

teclast ch510hd 10

Knees obscured. Deduct a point.

teclast ch510hd 11

Feet and legs and knees and tits. Add two points.

teclast ch510hd 12

Kiss the screen, and we’re done.

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Gadgets with FACES #188: A man’s razor

Looks to be a prestige ‘King of Shaves’ model, the razor for men who are trying to impress the checkout lady with how much money they spend on personal grooming, hinting at the fact that they’re obviously also neat and tidy “down below” should they be interested in checking it out and seeing if the wrinkles on it scan through the barcode machine, say, after work on Thursday?

But it’s not a gadget and it’s strangely unsettling to see another man’s towel. 3/10.


“While shaving a picture of a kitten into my MANLY STUBBLE, I
was shocked to discover another face, dangerously close to my own” – Snortacus.

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The Sony “Bloggie” HD video camera and LIFESTYLE VIDEOGRAPHY!

Bloody hell, this is not pleasant. Viewer discretion is advised when watching the Bloggie promotional video of fashionable youths poncing about on mopeds and waveboards, then having a party at which everyone compares hair products and whose styling product has lasted best throughout the rigorous day.

sony bloggie 1


sony bloggie 2


sony bloggie 3

NEEDS SMASHING IN THE: Bottom, bottom.

sony bloggie 4

And that’s how stupid you look holding a camera with a 360-degree lens on the top of it. How does one even go about playing back and watching a 360-degree video?

sony bloggie 5

With thanks to “Scott” for bravely browsing through hellish world of Sony product pages.

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Canon recommends filming yourself having sex in a cheap hotel room this Valentine’s Day

Not in so many words, but that’s clearly the implication of this publicity communication:


Yes, it’ll be a comedy all right. Not romantic, just a comedy.

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Megan Fox holding a Motorola Devour, in the bath

Here’s horrible but also quite nice in certain ways Hollywood star Megan Fox. She’s using a mobile phone in the bath. This film was broadcast during the Superbowl last night, as a public safety announcement about what not to do with your expensive new mobile phone.

Hopefully there’s a racier European edit of the advert, in which she films herself soaping up using the Devour’s 3megapixel camera sensor.

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There was a story attached to these. It went something like “Hello, it’s GigerPunk AGAIN. I got my friend, who’s a professional photographer, to take some ridiculously high-res photos of some batteries with his fancy camera”.

The end result is ten 4.3MB photos of a varied selection of batteries (CAUTION: Contains rechargeables), weighing in at 3888 x 2592 and taken by a Canon EOS 40D. Some of the focus work is superb.


They took quite a long time to upload. While this one was uploading we made a cup of tea.


While this one was uploading we went outside and fed the chickens, not that it’s worth feeding the chickens given the number of eggs they lay – ZERO.


While this one was uploading we paced anxiously around the kitchen, worrying about what’s for dinner tonight. We had the sausages yesterday so… god knows. Will probably have to go to the shop and get more sausages later.


While this one was uploading we browsed the Sony Ericsson press extranet. Which, in hindsight, only served to make the upload even slower.


While this one was uploading we made a cup of coffee with two teaspoons of coffee, as doing nothing on the internet all day is more fun with lots of coffee inside you.


While this one was uploading we bought a bit more credit on Newzbin, to allow the prompt downloading of the new episodes of Lost in HD.


Not sure what we did while this one was uploading.


While this one was uploading we tutted and sighed at some of the rubbish things people email to us, expecting us to get excited about.


And while this one was uploading we compiled this list of what we did while the others uploaded.


It took about 20 minutes in total.

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NEW TREND: Mobile phones getting certificates

Congratulations to the LG-LD100-U1, which successfully completed a width without resorting to armbands or a float. It is the first touchscreen device in its category to have officially earned itself a swimming award.

lg ld100-u1 certificate

She’s made a terrible mess of those screens. She needs to whip them all out of screen saver mode, pronto. How can she idly sit there while all three go blank?

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