Poor old Sony Ericsson. It’s not an iPhone. It’s not really on the Android bandwagon. It employs people who think “Vivaz” is a good name for a product. And it’s hindered by having to put “Sony” on its products. It’ll never win.

sony ericsson vivaz 1

Ironic hair. Leather jacket. Girlfriend he got off the internet and is yet to discover he has nothing in common with.

sony ericsson vivaz 2

But well done, fashionable man! He’s not even pretending he’s interested in getting her head in shot. A picture of the outline of her tits is all he needs.

sony ericsson vivaz 3

Now he’s pointing it at the ground, getting a shot of the woman standing next to him’s shoes.

sony ericsson vivaz 4

He had to take one of her face in the end, to avoid rousing suspicions and leading her to instigate a full memory card check.