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*JINGLE* Promotional Image of the Weeeek

It’s used-to-be-on-telly handyman Tommy Walsh, who is the new face – and literally just the face and a bit of shoulders – of Dansand. Dansand is sand. Tommy Walsh is the face of sand.


We admire any company that has the art skills to make text go round in a circle like that. No matter how many Photoshop tutorials we read, or watch since internet video took off, that skill still evades us.

Tommy Walsh Joins Forces with New Eco-Friendly Dansand® Joint Filling Sand to Send Patio & Driveway Weeds Packing

Easy to Use – Eco-Friendly – Low-Maintenance – Durable

Ideal for renovations, maintenance and new installations

Try a little desert magic with new Tommy Walsh’s Choice Dansand Joint Filling Sand and you’ll no longer need to spend back breaking hours removing moss and weeds from paths, patios and driveways, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine on your patio instead!

TV’s DIY and building Guru, Tommy Walsh has joined forces with Danish company, Dansand A/S to launch Tommy Walsh’s Choice Dansand® Joint Filling Sand, a revolutionary new joint sand that inhibits weeds from growing in newly laid or renovated block paving, patios and driveways without using environmentally harmful herbicides.

The patented formulation contains a growth inhibiting combination of dried silica sand and special minerals that have a naturally high pH value and create desert-like conditions to help prevent weed growth and germination in the sand. Tests undertaken by the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences’ Department of Integrated Pest Management proved that the weed inhibiting additives in Dansand® ensure shoots wither and die.

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It turns out animated GIFs do still have a place on today’s modern internet. The full 4.25MB original of this can be found here. These are some stills from it. Even with our extremely small number of readers, embedding a 4.25MB GIF would be a bad idea.

Sent in my a man called “dbot” who suggests it’s “Best viewed whilst listening to Hi-NRG techno”. We’re slightly concerned this may have originally come from B3ta and may also have been on the internet for over a decade, but will go with it anyway, as you know how hard it is having to find something to do every day.

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LG Thing of the Day

Here’s today’s mystery LG shiny black technical product. It says what it is on the case, so squint your eyes and don’t read the words if you don’t want to spoil the guessing fun for yourself.

lg multimedia hdd 1

It could be a HUGE MOUSE, or some very small bathroom scales.

lg multimedia hdd 2

But it isn’t. This was only a good guessing game if you don’t know what HDD stands for, or if you’re trying to guess how many fillings she’s got.

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Not convinced by the LG GW620’s camera

The photo doesn’t look much like her. There’s a lot of barrel distortion on the face and a clear purple border

LG GW620

Interesting finger arrangement, though. We can’t even begin to guess if that’s her left hand or her right hand.

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Lopsided-head woman goes for twin jerk

LG has stuck up more photos in the Blu-ray set. She still hasn’t taken her blouse off or even undone any of the buttons, so there’s a long way to go before we reach any meaningful conclusion, but she has started getting “freaky” with the equipment.

lg blu-ray bg250

Maybe if they hired a shorter model she wouldn’t have to bend so much?

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“World’s first sex robot revealed”

The one on the left. The one on the right is just the prototype based on the inventor. She looks scared and uncomfortable, which is excellent realism.


More here. WARNING: That’s a link to The Sun. They say “she” can talk, hopefully a firmware update will soon fix that ARE WE RIGHT FELLAS? HELL YES. STUPID COWS.

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MAN introduces awkward atmosphere in LG “Infinia” shoot

Well done, MAN. You have made everything seem a little bit weird. You’ve made the ladies not really know where it’s safe to look or what to do with their hands.

lg infinia borderless 1

The one on the left has resorted to only looking at him using her peripheral vision.

lg infinia borderless 2

Both girls are now pretending he isn’t there. This brings back lots of memories of being in pubs and bars over the years.

lg infinia borderless 3

Even here, in the close-up, she’s looking PAST him, not directly at him. Poor the MAN.

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LG LTE CDMA Dual M… something

They don’t know what it is, either, but they LOVE IT!


Man loves the one on the right.

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“The HTC Smart is a compact phone that’s ready to help you be a smarter YOU and a funner YOU”

Better get one of these, then. Hopefully it come pre-installed with some jokes.

htc smart

That ludicrous quote up-top is taken from another HTC lifestyle masterpiece, in which terms like “different moods in your daily self” and “fit your unique style and daily needs” are used in what appears to be a serious fashion.

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*JINGLE* Promotional Image of the Weeeek: Vanessa Hudgens drawing on her SHOES

Honestly, Vanessa, you only got those new shoes for Christmas, and you’ve already ruined them by drawing all over them? You’re not getting any more shoes. Or trousers. Or anything. You’ll be kept naked in the cellar from now on. It’s all you own fault.

Vanessa hudgens shoes

Know the name from reading terrible celebrity news sites, but presumably nothing she’s been “in” or has “done” has made it over to the UK, as her career path remains a mystery to us.

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