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Bitly.TV for seeing what other people are doing

If you’re still refusing to go on Twitter because it’s been on the news and is popular and you’re a bit busy listening to Rage Against the Machine, you won’t know about It’s a URL-shortening service, so people can share links without having the http://www.websiteaddress/wp-content/uploads part of the address taking up all the space needed for acerbic and ironic commentary.

Anyway, now has Bitly.TV, a list of automatically-generated links to the most popular videos that are currently being shared online.

None of you will care about this, we are starting to realise, but the image has already been captured and inserted so we may as well press on with it.


That’s what the public are watching on Bitly.TV. Stupid public. We assume there will soon be one based around porn arriving soon.

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LG scientists create ‘Ideal Image’ designed to appeal to all men



Ideally we would like to be able to see her shoes – hopefully this ‘Ideal Image’ will be adapted slightly before officially launching in EMEA territories.

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Here’s a woman with some LG things. They might be phones, or MP3 players, or cameras. No idea these days. The model names seem to be Cooky, Show, KP500, KP502 and more. It all means nothing. Nothing means anything.


We’ve just been told that some new types of phone also function as MP3 players, so there’s a chance this might be some sort of new combination device. We’ll update you on this as it breaks.

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More sexy vacuuming with LG’s ROBOKING

There must be a face on that ROBOKING thing somewhere. How can it have so many round buttons and round things and even BE round, yet not have a clearly-defined face?


Maybe if you view the scene as a whole, the two ROBOKINGs are both the eyes and the woman is eyebrows?


Yes, don’t panic – you can click on these pictures to make them much bigger and see if she’s wearing tights or if that’s her bare leg skin.

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Want someone to talk to?

While doing some research on HP Deskjet models for a thing we do where we pretend to be a man who knows about printers, we found this page – which lets you talk to a woman, live, and for free.


We assume it’s free. Unless times are so hard for HP it’s had to turn to niche sex chat.

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You can look like a Twitter star!

Good lord. Has it come to this? Are we all so desperate for popularity we will turn to a COOL BIRD IN SUNGLASSES for assistance? We would rather get caught looking at pornography of real birds wearing sunglasses than risk clicking on anything to do with this horrifying page.


Let’s not even refer to this product/tool by name, lest it gain .0000001 percent more status on the old Google rankings.

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Behold the… BOOKAZINE

Saw this during a short trip back to mainstream consumer land. Stood staring it at it in a mixture of shock, confusion and wonder, like the monkeys looking at the monolith at the beginning of ‘2001’.

If there was a big bit of bone handy, several shop assistants might have been bludgeoned.


Has anyone ever read a Bookazine? Is it just a way publishers can get away with charging £7.99 for a compilation of bits from old magazines by using a slightly thicker type of paper stock for the cover?

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PROMOTIONAL CHRISTMAS: Everyone is AMAZED at the Build-A-Bear Workshop

It really isn’t that amazing a situation. Management will have told you to expect delivery of the sign, and someone within the branch would’ve been told to book the local Father Christmas for a photoshoot.


There’s simply no believability in this scenario.

Expanding his realm: Santa Claus has picked Build-A-Bear Workshop as his first manufacturing site beyond the boundaries of the North Pole. Under an arrangement with Build-A-Bear Workshop’s founder and chief executive bear Maxine Clark, Santa and his elves are magically transforming each Build-A-Bear Workshop across the world into Santa’s Workshops for the holidays. This was all supposed to happen under cover, but a surveillance camera captured Santa red-suited, red-faced and red-handed at the Saint Louis Galleria mall as he hung out his shingle early on the morning of Nov. 1.

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PROMOTIONAL CHRISTMAS: The Apple Store reveals a new Apple Specialist!

Apple will be having a mildly Gothic Christmas this year.

apple store assistant festive

Stripy elbow sheathes? Is that what’s cool with the alternate-lifestyle kids these days?

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Ornamental gardens WITH FACES #1: Hanging Gardens of Haifa

You try typing that headline then thinking of something funny to say. This is being posted in ‘Uncategorized’ and to hell with it.

Bahai Gardens Haifa

“Right dead centre of the pic. It’s a place rather than a ‘thing’, of course, but from that angle it’s undeniable. The photo has nothing to do with me, I just found it on Wikipedia and the face was staring back at me. Sorry for the lack of a humorous caption” – Psyklax.

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