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Two LG TV-based products and a lady’s calf muscles

The problem with our new-found high-resolution LG press photography resource is it’s all in Korean, meaning it’s often hard to even get a model number out of the sea of squirly bits and smiley faces they use instead of words.

lg portable dvd player 1

Fortunately, we are very experienced in the tech world, having worked as a low-level “blogger” on a “tech blog” for nearly 18 months – and can therefore easily tell that’s a MOBILE PHONE she is holding, along with a MOBILE BROADCAST PORTABLE DVD PLAYER. Which must be a DVD player able to stream video through a phone network, right?

lg portable dvd player 2

It’s odd that her calves are the same size as her thighs, isn’t it? She must have an extremely specific workout regime, which we would like to observe through a one-way mirror.


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Would or would not?

ulala cosplay 1

You’d have to, really, otherwise you’d look ungrateful and spoilt.

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The LG XG1 Chic external hard drive

Such a glamorous name for something that’s only really a fancy way of backing up all your favourite kinds of data. Stupid old LG shouldn’t have wasted “XG1″ on a hard drive. XG1 ought to be a top-of-the-range OLED TV/Blu-ray entertainment solution, not a glossy hard drive enclosure.

lg xg1 chic 1

It comes in black and white, with a lovely smile – or you can pay extra to have one that frowns at you and makes you lick the toilet clean.

lg xg1 chic 2

Careful, you’ll get brain cancer. And the reflection on the black one is revealing sensitive information about the location that could be of use to a competitor.

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“Chariot Skates” bring skiing and cycling TOGETHER

Sounds like a good and possibly even fun way to get outside and away from family members for a few hours, until you see the stabilisers. Chariot Skates require stabilisers. They require stabilisers so badly the stabilisers have to be built in.

They are therefore as XTREME as shuffling your armchair a little bit further forwards so you can see the repeat of Only Fools and Horses better.


More facts and videos of people in a perpetual state of about to break their wrists over at the Chariot Skates site.

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‘Tis the season for [INSERT PRODUCT NAME]

Febreze. ‘Tis the season for Febreze. Despite the low quality of this photo, the set, the costume, the tree and the entire concept that lies behind the scene, this is a genuine and official festive image sent out by Proctor & Gamble.

It is nice to end 2009 on a low.

febreeze santa

Thanks for sticking with all this nonsense for another year, everyone. We might start doing all this again in a week or so, unless we have any better ideas for new blogs to do instead over Christmas. Morale on the Extra-Last newsdesk is not great.

“Freshness: The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Santa has been working hard this holiday season, and his suit has been working overtime, too. This year, Febreze gifted active Santas in the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas (AORBS) with a bottle of Febreze Fabric Refresher to help them keep those hard-to-wash Santa suits festive and fresh!”

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PROMOTIONAL CHRISTMAS: LG’s SU-410 and a sincere greeting

LG is still making phones that look like this. It’s nice to know someone is still supporting the button-making and hinge-making industries in this age of “touch screen” telephones.


Her left hand has gone into a bit of a DEATH CLAW, sadly. She needs to work on relaxing that thumb. We’re sure her trainer will be assisting her with that in the new year. We could also help. Apparently the key is to put the thumb in a nice tight and warm place.

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Woman empowered by enormous telephone

Look at her. She’s been made confident by the way she can instantly check inventory levels for any one of those blouses, and it’s all thanks to modern technology. Before modern technology, she’d have had to pay attention to what’s out on the racks.


On the down side, it took three IT men six solid days to get her email working on it, so the cost efficiencies won’t really kick in until FY 2011 – and by then the handset will no doubt need upgrading. The whole scheme just wasn’t thought through.

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The exciting and glamorous world of… PRINTERS!


lg-wifi-printer 2

It is a printer party. We are, as ever, not invited.

lg-wifi-printer 3

Can’t work out the model name or number, as the site was all in the overseas language of squiggles. But look, there’s a wi-fi logo on the case. That’s a fact for you to take away with you. They do wi-fi printers now.

lg-wifi-printer 1

Oh look. It’s a LIP3320. And there’s a card reader on it. This has now been the most factual update since that one in 2007 about the Samsung 32WD4560’s inclusion of a hole for the power lead to go in.

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The wait for iPhone is over! Pre-order yours… oh…

Poor old Vodafone isn’t allowed to sell iPhones until after Christmas, January 14 to be precise, so it’s hoping that, for some of you, a good Christmas present to give might be a printed-out credit card receipt showing that you’ve ordered them an iPhone for delivery in January. Wouldn’t that be a lovely gift? Imagine unfolding that print-out on Christmas morning.

How many photos of an iPhone can YOU squeeze onto a product page?


Taken from Vodafone’s begging page. Sadly the Vodafone iPhones start at £35 a month, which is way out of our price range. We don’t even spend that much per month on food and heating.

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LG’s 3D TV tricks demo ladies

Oh yes indeedy diddly doo dah, we have found an exciting new resource for lady-based product demonstration photography. It’s only for LG products, but, on the basis of what we’ve found so far, that is OK by us.

Here’s LG’s new 3D TV, along with the two different types of 3D glasses LG will be bringing to market – retro angular (left) and retro modern.


So far, the demo ladies have been kept entertained for 14 consecutive hours..

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