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SanDisk sticks pSSD chip on corner of stock image of woman

Credit crunch strikes again. There are no skateboarding teens here. No one could be bothered taking the sofa outside, as all the burly men were first to be made redundant. There was no glamorous launch party for the SanDisk pSSD drive, just a photo of the chip stuck on a stock photo of a woman using what looks like it’s a Mac.


A 3/10 for effort, and that’s being generous because she looks kind.

SanDisk’s Modular Solid State Drive Adopted by Sony’s Ultra-Thin VAIO X Laptop

2nd Generation SanDisk pSSD Solid State Drive Running Windows 7 Contributes to Laptop’s Light Weight and Low Power Consumption

MILPITAS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ:SNDK), the global leader in flash memory cards, today announced that the 64-gigabyte (GB)1 SanDisk® pSSDTM Gen2 solid state drive was selected by Sony as the SSD of choice for its new VAIO X ultra-thin laptop.

Solid State Drives (SSD) use no moving parts, enabling improved durability that helps prevent data loss resulting from drive failure. Computers with SSD run quieter and cooler, and use less power than conventional hard disk drives (HDD). The SanDisk pSSD drive’s small size complements ultra-thin laptops with small form factor requirements.

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Printers. Fashion. Uncomfortable bedfellows.

MP560 Fashion 1 rgb

Canon would appear to be suggesting there’s something “magical” about its new colour printer range. Printout of child = don’t bother trying.

MP560 Fashion 2 rgb

She’s doing a good job of juggling it all. She must have to throw it up on the photographer’s demand, then he presses the button to catch it mid-flight. The poor dear’s arms.

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Static non-powered objects with FACE #38: A VAQUA

Sent in by a man who seems to actually think it’s OK to call himself “Inedible Buddhas”.


Fancy eyebrows, Hitler moustache, exotic chin hair. Very nice. Not as nice as this one a man called “Andy” sent in, but nice nonetheless.

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Product display disaster for Sony Ericsson

The embattled mobile company will not be gaining any ground on its competitors after this, a pair of terrible launch shots issued to promote its Xperia X2 – a mobile phone which isn’t an iPhone and is by Sony Ericsson so therefore hasn’t got much of a chance.


It’s not unfair to say this is the worst product display we have ever seen. Most glaringly of all, they have used a MAN, a man who really isn’t sure what to do with that troublesome unused left arm. A man called Brent. A man who hasn’t developed a non-goofy smile.


We understand that Maria Sharapova isn’t always going to be available, but surely some of the lesser-known lady players outside of the pro tour top 20 would be able to make it at short notice?

Internet Entrepreneur launches the new Sony Ericsson XPERIA(tm) X2, only on Vodafone

Brent Hoberman joined a host of VIP guests at iconic London venue, the Design Museum, to launch the multimedia Sony Ericsson XPERIA(tm) X2, available exclusively in the UK on Vodafone.

Created for individuals that like to blur the boundaries between work and play, the launch event provided the perfect platform to introduce the new Sony Ericsson XPERIA(tm) X2.

Whilst at the launch Brent Hoberman commented: “When travelling for work or pleasure, receiving up to date news, pictures and messages from home is crucial. With a young family and busy career, it’s great never to miss a moment”.

David Hilton, Marketing Director, Sony Ericsson UK & Ireland said “We’re delighted Brent was able to join us at the launch of the XPERIA(tm) X2. In the fast moving world we live in, the need to stay connected has never been so important; and the XPERIA(tm) X2 allows you to do just that – managing your life from work, to home, to play, all on one device.”

Debuting Windows(r) 6.5, the device offers 24/7 communication enabling users to instantly synchronise their mail, calendar and media. The XPERIA(tm) X2 also includes a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, as well as a unique SlideView feature, which provides easy access to frequently used phone activities. Coupled with an 8.1 megapixel camera, 3.2 inch full touchscreen with DVD quality playback, there are also a host of preloaded XPERIA(tm) panels such as Google(tm) and Windows Live(tm).

Notes to editors:

About Brent Hoberman
Brent Hoberman co-founded in April 1998 with Martha Lane Fox and was CEO taking the company to profit and gross bookings of over $2bn. The company floated in March 2000 when the dot-com bubble was at its peak – the IPO was 40 times oversubscribed and the price increase during the process was a record for a UK company. acquired 14 businesses after the IPO to supplement the annual growth of the core brand which was over 100% from 1998 – 2004. In 2005 was sold to Sabre for $1.1bn. Brent has founded another VC-backed internet based start-up, mydeco, which is due to launch Autumn 2007 and will be an innovative online service for home design and furniture.

Brent Hoberman is a Governor of University of the Arts College, London and a non-executive board director of Guardian Media Group.

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Apple’s festive in-store Specialists!

Finally! Some new Apple specialists! A red one, a blue one and one who’s so high up the corporate ladder he’s allowed to wear whatever he wants as long as it’s smart.


Yeah, sorry, didn’t say they would be any good. But you’ve had more than enough “good” to look at recently, so consider this PAYBACK from ANGRY DADDY.


Definitely have a video in which the one on the right makes the one on the left cry. Think it was coincidentally also called “One 2 One” or something along those lines.

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Two separate MOKO investigations launched

Reader “Ben” managed to dig up an entire sub-category of MOKO action here, while “anonymous[1]” politely informed us of this link on the MOKO site which promisingly has the word “all” in its url, takes quite a long time to load and makes the scroll bar thing go very small.


Here’s a photo of some MOKO men. These would be the competition, were one of us to somehow infiltrate Club MOKO. That’s not how the Vulcan hand gesture is done. Perhaps they are doing a “W” to signify what they are about to do in the toilet cubicles using one of those jam doughnuts?


“But in these two pics there’s some pointing arrows and some sort of cryptic, foreign captions. Anyone want to take a crack at translating?” – anonymous[1].


“Put between”? “Dispose after use”?

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*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeeek

Putting your hand on the back of her chair doesn’t mean she’s your girlfriend. The back of the chair is international waters. You don’t get any points for dangling your fingers in international waters.


That’s it. We ought to get a new template that doesn’t require two separate bits of words being written about everything.

“Winning Brands Ambassadors to South Korea, Joel and Sojung Haley officially launch on-line discussion blog about Winning Colours Stain Remover (1000+) for Korean consumers while at the headquarters of Winning Brands. The breakthrough stain remover and multi-cleaner is entering South Korea.”

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SimplicITy – a simple computer for old people

“OK, grandma, now insert the WEP key for your router… your WEP key. The WEP key? You know, the WEP key. What’s your WEP key? NO! Don’t tell me over the phone, the government might be listening”.

Here’s Valerie Singleton explaining. She doesn’t explain where the WEP key goes, that must be the Big Reveal for video #2.

They’re going to have a viral SMASH on their hands with this, we suspect. It’s in aid of the SimplicITy PC range, two new machines for old people. They use Linux, which is handy, as granddad’s always expressing an interest in getting his hands on the latest Ubuntu binary release.

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Moko/ASUS in possibly going-too-far NSFW promotional action

Depends where you work, really. Most of you will probably OK. That’s not meant as an insult.


“It looks like Asus has learned some valuable lessons from Teclast. Just goes to show how following a link in a dull article, about forthcoming Asus plans for new versions of exactly the same netbook as last week, can reap rewards beyond my wildest dreams” – Evil Homer.


Thanks, Evil Homer, and thanks to the other person who sent it in but their email got lost due to an administrative error. Rest assured, the receptionist deemed responsible and blamed has been made to cry and then sacked for crying on the job.


We don’t think Moko is anything to do with Asus. Looks like it’s a modelling site. But here’s all of them in a gallery anyway. Galleries are easier to do, and some of these photos are best not viewed at full size.

Some of them may be considered “too far”. Originals here, should you fancy SCOURING every INCH of the site for MORE.

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Static non-powered objects with FACES #38: Another bit of a Virgin Trains “pendolino”

High-powered frequent business traveler “Jon” just snapped this inside a Virgin Trains train using his BlackBerry. Can’t decide if the big holes are its eyes, or if the black bits are its eyes and the big holes are massive nostrils.

It is a good job we have nothing better to think about today, or any other day, otherwise this may be considered a waste of life energy.


“This is LIVE from the FIELD. The FIELD is outside the WINDOWS of a PENDOLINO to MANCHESTER from LONDON! How it has been overlooked for so long this live reporter from the field will never know but these FACES line every carriage and stop this reporter from having any chance of falling asleep and dreaming of Teclast ‘gadgets’. I can count 40 of them in carriage C without my glasses on! Blurry blackberry image? The EXIF can’t lie. Live from a train in a field? Well, I could be lying. Maybe I’ll geotag it and tweet it!” – Jon!

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