A stunning FIVE separate real-world face spottings from reader “Aaron” who has awkwardly (for us) combined GADGET and NON-POWERED face imagery into one single huge email.

Fortunately, Aaron’s attention detail and sharp eye-for-a-face made compiling this update a pleasure, even though some of the images were in zip files and some weren’t and they were all different shapes and sizes. He also didn’t just nick all these photos off some other face blog and send them in expecting us to be all like “Wow, thanks”.


dehumidifier1 dehumidifier3

“Here are several things with faces I’ve found. First there’s a handle on the side of a dehumidifier. There’s an identical face/handle on the other side.”


drydrop2 drydrop1

“Next there’s a mysterious box labeled ‘TTC DRY DROP’ that I walk past every morning on the way to the bus station. Some sort of fire hydrant? I’ve included a behind photograph as well.”


spaceheater3 powerthing2

“Then there’s this APC power supply/battery, a heater, and a metal plate that covers one of those things that prevents bathtub overflow. I admit that these three are not very good” – Aaron.