Some extraordinarily high resolution “McNair” batteries for you, which weigh in at an impressive 4000 x 3000 resolution – a resolution made all the more impressive by the EXIF data revealing they were taken using a mainstream consumer handbag oriented Canon IXUS 100 IS.


“Having lurked around the site for a while I have been feverishly keeping my eye out for some batteries which I haven’t seen on your site before. Here they are. Dunno if they are exciting enough. You can decide.”


“Used the highest res I could on little Canon and also included the rechargeables for a bit more excitement. They came bundled with a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse kit.”


“Nice Scotch (*snigger*) name for Chinese battery I thought. I’ll send over several emails so they don’t bounce. Keep up the good work” – Zim.


Sorry about not keeping up the good work, Zim. We can only assume you initially wrote this email in early 2006 before the “work” around here turned to “shit”.