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Fuji Heavy Industries AV-T3 autonomous cargo transport robot

It’s a bloody PC on a bench. They’d better not have received millions of dollars of development money for coming up with this piece of rubbish.

Behold – the most superfluous screen yet discovered.


And look at that wheel. You could disable it by putting a yogurt pot on the floor in front of it.

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Gadgets with FACES #185 & #186 and Static non-powered objects with FACES #39: Aaron’s fantastic collection

A stunning FIVE separate real-world face spottings from reader “Aaron” who has awkwardly (for us) combined GADGET and NON-POWERED face imagery into one single huge email.

Fortunately, Aaron’s attention detail and sharp eye-for-a-face made compiling this update a pleasure, even though some of the images were in zip files and some weren’t and they were all different shapes and sizes. He also didn’t just nick all these photos off some other face blog and send them in expecting us to be all like “Wow, thanks”.


dehumidifier1 dehumidifier3

“Here are several things with faces I’ve found. First there’s a handle on the side of a dehumidifier. There’s an identical face/handle on the other side.”


drydrop2 drydrop1

“Next there’s a mysterious box labeled ‘TTC DRY DROP’ that I walk past every morning on the way to the bus station. Some sort of fire hydrant? I’ve included a behind photograph as well.”


spaceheater3 powerthing2

“Then there’s this APC power supply/battery, a heater, and a metal plate that covers one of those things that prevents bathtub overflow. I admit that these three are not very good” – Aaron.

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“Surfing the internet”

Here’s how BT chose to illustrate “surfing the internet” about five years ago. It has put a lot of effort into making it, but we’d be lying if we said we were impressed by the skills of the person or people responsible. At least the scene has been grounded in reality by using a fat man with a pained expression on his face.


That tidal wave of data will put him well over the “Option 1″ download limit.

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Gadgets with FACES #184: “The bit of plastic you rip off an ink cartridge”

Got the recycling logo tattooed on his forehead in prison. He’ll have to cover that up with a woolly hat when he’s allowed out on parole.


“It’s the bit of plastic you rip off an ink cartridge before inserting it into your printer. Have included two so you can use it for a caption competition (?)” – M.

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*Jingle* Promotional Image of the Weeeek

Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, why not relax and enjoy the fact you’re not working in or associated with the UK packaging industry?


It wasn’t just Mike’s idea to put it in a box, it was the whole team’s.

Aqualisa Scoop Prestigious Packaging Design Award

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Aqualisa has won the coveted ‘Best Packaging of a New Product’ award for its Midas 100 shower and its accompanying fixing bracket at this year’s UK Packaging Awards. The prestigious awards were held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, with Aqualisa proudly triumphing over a shortlist of contenders that included household names Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser and Glenmorangie.

Already a firm favourite with the construction industry, the packaging of the Midas 100 shower and its fixing bracket – created in collaboration with Line Packaging – secured the judges’ vote for its ingenious, installer-friendly design that allows the plumber to complete the ‘first fix’ of a showering installation by removing the fixing bracket via a pop-out section of the box, without disturbing the actual shower valve.

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Seemingly not-ironic Sugababes endorsement of Windows 7

The girls claim that Windows 7 was their idea, so perhaps that kindly-featured blonde one might be able to pop round some time to solve a few driver conflicts our soundcard is generating on startup?

We’re running Windows Vista, so maybe that’s not their area of expertise. Either way, if a current or even ex-Sugababe could offer some help that would be great. Thanks.

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LG Chocolate in button-masking confusion

Terrible display. There’s a bony old finger completely covering the phone’s front-left corner. Who knows what that button might be? Logic dictates it’s a # key, but no one’s going to risk a purchase without knowing for certain.


At least there’s a bit of knee. Good old knees. We’re old enough to remember when a bit of knee was rude. Nowadays, today’s kids don’t get a semi for anything less than full penetration at both ends in HD.

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BATTERIES: AELLEX, TIP and our old friend DISHY

Extremely high-resolution shots, taken using a Nintendo Wii as a base/backing to create a superb whiteout effect. Finally, someone outside of Nintendo has found a use for the console.


“Here’s some boring battery pictures for you. The two new, white TIP branded ones didn’t like their older brother too much it seems” – kshade.


Thanks, “Kshade”. For future reference, we prefer to receive one sentence of text per photograph, makes things easier this end.


Now look what we’ve got to do.


We’ve got to type “blah blah batteries” another eight times.


It also doesn’t help that so many of the shots are rather similar. The artist is clearly grasping for inspiration.


And if there’s one thing we recognise, it’s a man grasping for inspiration.


We can smell grasping for inspiration. Taste it in the wind. Hear it breathing in the night.


So thanks, kshade. Thanks for giving us yet another reason to stare at a screen trying to think of something to say that other people might like.


Ought to go to South Korea. They must have a clinic that could help.



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Have upgraded mobile phone again

This one comes with a crank handle around the back to help start it up on cold mornings, and there’s a separate clip for attaching it to your belt.


A separate battery pack is available, if you need to be away from the mains supply.

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Samsung HMX-U10 Digital Camcorder and A WOMAN’S TORSO!

The woman’s torso is as good as it gets. Samsung issued lots of arty photos of the device strewn about desks, but only one featured any human interaction. So here’s a woman holding the HMX-U10 at arm’s length at 3384 x 4536 resolution.


At least it’s a high-resolution woman’s hand to put in the memory and use to make future woman’s hand-based fantasies seem that more realistic.


The desk shot.

The information:

Shoot & Share in Full-HD
“The HMX-U10 is the ideal solution for the consumer looking for ultimate portability and ease of use in an full HD camcorder. The HMX-U10 offers full-HD video recording with 1920×1080 resolution. The HMX-U10’s 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor also gives consumers the ability to capture impressive 10 mega-pixel digital still images, all which can be reviewed on the camcorder’s clear, two-inch LCD screen. At 56mm x 103mm x 15.5mm, and weighing just 95g including the battery, the HMX-U10 is ultra-compact with an ergonomic design that breaks free of the traditional look and feel of pocket-sized camcorders. Its sleek frame is accentuated by a wave-design that angles the body of the camcorder at seven degrees, allowing users to grip the camcorder more comfortably, reducing any related stress on the wrist or arm. This same ergonomic design philosophy is also found in the HMX-R10 and SMX-C10 camcorders, which feature Samsung’s unique Active Angle Lens.”

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