A sensational set, featuring with flash and without flash variants, in situ shots, rare 9v action (connected and disconnected) and exciting images of the Duracell brand extension.



“Two naughty PP3 ‘Golden Power’ batteries and a couple of AA SKYSUNs (Extra Heavy Duty), found in 3 multimeters.”


“Also, a couple of newer Duracell Powrcell batteries that have now replaced the Skysuns.”


“Sorry picture quality’s not great, left my camera at home so had to
rely on a borrowed Nokia E75. Not too bad actually, for a phone. No idea what it’s like to actually use as a phone, though probably better than my camera is” – GigerPunk.


That’s OK. The harshness of the low-grade LED flash brings up the colours nicely.


This is the best one. It’s like the square ones are policemen and they have just disturbed the two AAs getting up to something naughty. And those screw holes look like eyes, so they’re doing it in a big mouth. Fucking hell, some sort of holiday or extreme muscle relaxant is required.