The best thing about BenQ is the way its UK arm is based in Hemel Hempstead. Getting HOT TECH  press releases from the depressing new town is delightful. Here’s the BenQ V2200 Eco LCD monitor. It’s pale and a bit wonky, but would do at a push – like the inhabitants of Hemel Hempstead.


DISCLAIMER: Extra-Last is allowed to offer the opinion that Hemel is shit having lived there for a bit, under duress as a child.

BenQ takes the lead with the announcement of the new stylish V Series Eco LED Widescreen Displays

Green just got great!

Hemel Hempstead, UK, September 14th, 2009: BenQ has today announced the exciting launch of the V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco LED widescreen displays. As a top global display provider BenQ is leading the charge in the LED revolution starting with this official launch, and with a broad spectrum of LED displays planned. The V2400 Eco is a 24” Full HD 1080p LED widescreen, and the V2200 Eco is the world’s first 21.5” Full HD 1080p LED widescreen display. LED displays are energy-efficient consuming approximately 36% less power than traditional CCFL displays and offer huge advances in image quality. This makes the new BenQ V series Eco LED Widescreen Displays the perfect choice for those wanting to cut costs, enjoy a great picture whilst supporting the environment.

The new V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco employ LED (Light-Emitting Diode) which is the latest in monitor display lighting, for advantages that are seen in exquisite visuals on the screen, and have eco and pocket friendly benefits. When it comes to display performance the new monitors are second to none as they are superbly engineered with zero light leakage, enabling an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 5 million:1 for intense blacks and extreme whites. This benefit is unique to LED technology and reveals never-before-noticed fine details and near-infinite colour variations while BenQ’s Senseye™ 3 Human Vision Technology which further enhances image richness, clarity, and depth even in the darkest scenes – dramatically increasing viewing enjoyment.

Because LED is a stable light source it provides a flicker-free performance – ideal for long-term viewing such as when watching movies or playing games, as it improves visual comfort.  LED also enables instant display when the monitor is powered up, so just turn on and enjoy.  Both new V Series models also feature “Eco” mode for an additional 30% less power-consumption without compromising visual enjoyment.

The V new series displays are stylishly designed with a slim line screen and a unique off centre stand, finished in stunning snow white. Complimenting the avant-garde style of the V2400/2200 Eco is a cool multi-function round holder designed into the base of the monitor, offering a handy spot for knickknacks, an optional business card holder, or even serving as a mini plant pot. Additionally, the new models are lighter (-14.6%) and thinner (-21.2%) than CCFL displays of comparable screen size, which saves on packaging enabling more cost effective shipping, along with making the monitors look great!

The V2400 Eco and V2200 Eco are certified TCO 5.0, RoHS, EnergySTAR 4.1, EuP Energy, PC3R, and EPEAT Gold, and will be certified advanced EnergySTAR 5.0 in Nov ‘09.  Both monitors have also received the Taiwan Green Mark and the China Environmental Label.

Royce Lye, UK Product and Marketing Manager says “At BenQ we have concentrated and invested in our R & D to ensure that the design of our products can benefit both the user and our environment, we are very happy to be leading the way with our new LED V series Eco model monitors.  Not only does it cut down on power consumption making it a far greener product and less damaging to the environment, it does not disappoint the visual viewing experience for the consumer with greater definition in the black and increase clarity compared to an LCD.”

The two new displays will be available in the UK from October 2009. For more information, please visit

The V2200 Eco and V2400 Eco are priced at £169 and £199