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Here’s a worrying something representing Forklift Safety Week. Please don’t hit me, Mr Forklift Truck Operator. What I said on the internet about hoop ear rings symbolising a certain sort of “lifestyle choice” was only meant as a joke.


TRUCK: Passed inspection. OPERATOR: Failed.

Are You Ready for Fork Lift Safety Week?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The second annual Fork Lift Safety Week, organised by the Fork Lift Truck Association will run from the 21st to the 27th September.

SG World is supporting the national event with a free trial of their fork lift truck safety product Safe-truck a system of recording the daily visual inspections for fork lift trucks.

SG World Marketing Manager Jamie Norman said “Of course fork lift truck safety should be a concern all year round but we are proud of our links with the Fork Lift Truck Association and fully support their efforts to raise awareness of the safe use of fork lift trucks.

I was surprised to learn that more people are killed in fork lift truck accidents in September than any other month of the year, in fact more than 1 person per day is killed or hospitalised by a fork lift truck and this toll almost doubles during September. So it makes sense to heighten awareness around this time and for companies to take the opportunity to ensure their equipment and procedures all support a safe working environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

We think it’s timely to use this opportunity to make fork lift truck users aware of our Safe-truck product. Under recommended guidelines (PUWER and LOLER) for the safe use of fork lifts, users are expected to make certain pre-shift visual checks. Our simple ‘check book’ allows users to carry out these checks quickly and simply. A duplicate copy is automatically made and the top copy of the inspection is displayed on the vehicle itself to present the status of that trucks’ safety.”

To support Fork Lift Safety Week 2009, SG World are offering companies a free week’s trial of Safe-truck. Jamie Norman said of the offer, “We want to help companies operate more safely without compromising on time or process. We are confident that businesses will see the benefits of Safe-truck so are more than happy to offer the product completely free for a week. Our mantra is ‘don’t risk it, inspect it’ and our free trial presents no risk at all so I hope local businesses take up our offer and play their part in improving fork lift safety.”

For further information visit

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Static non-powered objects with FACES #35: A barrier post

This is a good one, a proper one, one that ought to get stolen by those sites that do faces properly.


“Spotted this angry barrier ‘clip’ scouling at me as I walked past yesterday evening. I think he was pissed off as someone left the barrier open. Grumpy prick” – Sam.

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Fujifilm’s excellent usage advice

Very believable “real word” illustration of what you’re likely to use the zoom for, and what the lens is likely to be pointed at. She hasn’t got a clue, thanks to Fujifilm!


Enhance with Fujifilm’s optional BG1000 carry case with discreet hole cut in it for the ultimate in undetectable photography.

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Gadgets with FACES #179: The back of the Zune HD

Reader “Darren” must be considering upgrading his iRiver to something a bit more fancy.


Bottom right. The vents. Darren thinks it looks a bit too “on purpose” but we doubt Microsoft would do something so amusing.


Yeah, that’s what APPLE’S FACE will look like when Zune HD goes ballistic and ups Microsoft’s MP3 player market share from 1% to 2.1%.

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Dear LG, you only need the one ‘X’ in your product name to convice us it’s cool. Also, don’t let the models hold the product in front of the part of the shirt that gets interesting.


Bet she’s thinking it’s a router, or a new Nintendo.

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Gadgets with FACES #177 & #178: Something to do with Star Wars and some USB sticks

Andy sent this in about three months ago. We’re cleaning out the ‘drafts’ section and found it languishing.

“Attached are two FACES pics… one a static non-powered carbonite Han Solo toolbox lid, and another – the Three Stooges of USB connectors. The one on the far right is clearly very happy with himself” – Andrew.

Don’t immediately dismiss this one – the far-right stick has multiple faces that reward the viewer over time.

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Gadgets with FACES #176: A hook

A hook doing its party trick involving its penis and something heavy.

“Come on! More! I can take more. Put another set of keys on me!”


“This priapically-blessed picture hook is actually supporting a crucifix. Blasphemy!” – Andy.

No idea.

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Gadgets with FACES #175: A couple of vintage radios

Good old radio, like Spotify but with music you actually wanted to listen to. And new music. And fewer adverts if you grew up somewhere rural in the 1980s and only ever had Radio 1 to listen to.


“While looking around for a nice new (old) radio for my nice new (new) shed, I stumbled across a rather helpful site about restoring and repairing old radios – Whilst browsing there I came across (not literally) these two beauties and immediately thought of you…” – GigerPunk.


Yep, battered old pieces of rubbish that don’t work and are incompatible with modern things. That is us.

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*Jingle* Promotional image of the Weeek: News-watching man’s crumpet Katie Derham and a civilian

Here’s a photo which illustrates the facial gulf between people that are paid to be on television and people that are best left in the house where no one has to look at them.


Lovely Katie, the news-reading Susie Dent. This photo ought to bring in a lot of traffic from all the newsreader stalkers, so be nice if any new people show up. There’s a press release which explains it all.

Xmo Strata Wins Top Health Award

MARDEN, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sign installation and maintenance company Xmo Strata has added to its groaning trophy cabinet.

TV newsreader Katie Derham presented Managing Director Steve Martin with the Health, Work and Well-being Award for Small Business in the South of England at the National Business Awards Regional Programme black tie event at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London on Tuesday July 14.

Xmo Strata has depots and crews based all over the UK but is based in Marden, Kent. The company counts retailers, retail parks, financial institutions and oil company forecourt chains amongst its customers and has a long record of commitment to genuine health and safety.

The judges praised the company for culture, and for leadership, innovation and employee engagement “fuelled by regulatory challenges and growth”.

“To win an award like this from a list of finalists which was dominated by health and wellbeing companies was absolutely phenomenal,” said Mr Martin.

“Health and safety nowadays is about much more than simply looking after your employees, although that is clearly a key motivating factor. It’s closely linked to training, staff development and quality and is about generating value for customers by reducing repeat call outs and getting the work right first time. It is also – of course – about reducing the customer’s exposure to liability.”

Lorraine Agnew, of headline sponsors Orange, said: “The success of each winner should be highlighted so that suppliers, partners and customers know that they are dealing with an organisation that is forward thinking and vibrant in its approach.”

The company’s awards cabinet is packed with awards going back years, many of them from customers such as BP.

For further information on Xmo Strata and its many awards go to

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Haven’t bothered ‘reading up’ to see what’s different or the same between this and the 200IS we did before, but the photos are nice.


What on earth is she symbolising? Winter? The changing of the seasons? The tides of the sea?


The battery won’t last long if he keeps the LCD brightness turned up that high.


They could’ve sneaked in a bit of nipple. We’re all well desensitised now. This isn’t 1989 any more, when a bit of nipple on Channel 4 at 1.45am used to be worth locking the bathroom door over.


Might sign up one of those “Facebooks” using this photo and see what happens.

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