It’s of woman-mountain Kirsty Gallacher and some larger-bottomed civilians who don’t benefit from having a personal trainer. It is just a coincidence that we seem to always have picture of Kirsty Gallacher open when someone looks at the computer screen. It just happens that she’s in demand for promotional events.

We in no way spend many hours looking at photos of Kirsty on the Internet. That would just be a SAD thing for SADDOS.


This was taken to promote the 50th anniversary of Special K, the breakfast that empowers women to think “I had a healthy breakfast today so am allowed to have four Kit Kats and a bit of carrot cake for elevensies”.

It looks like the photographer has already done most of the ‘sorting out’ by positioning the nicer/smaller ones at the front. Therefore, we’d happily take a ‘lucky dip’ of any of the first 20.