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Some lovely men for the ladies, some lovely ladies for the men, and a lovely little camera for all those of you who’ve given up even fantasising about sex any more and exist solely to read and compare technical specifications.


That is one IRONED shirt. The MD of Canon must’ve bought in his Tefal 2400 Watt Aquaspeed FV5260 Self Clean Continuous Steam Iron!


There’s an LCD screen on the back, love. It’ll help you line up the photograph.


Will you please LOOK where you’re pointing it! Don’t come crying to us when you’ve missed that magic moment and think we’ll somehow be able to Photoshop in the entire left-hand side of someone’s body and head.


Photos taken with a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. The pastel compacts are for show only.

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Here’s an absolutely terrible bit of corporate Photoshop work, in which Samsung tries to make it look like there’s a screen on the front of this camera.


There isn’t, it’s just a photo that’s been – admittedly rather well – skewed a bit in an almost certainly licensed version of a photo manipulation program.


See? Fuck you, Photoshop Disasters. If you won’t use our submissions we’ll go it alone.


Samsung DualView Cameras: TL225 and TL220

Samsung DualView Cameras bring the latest in compact camera innovation to consumers with Dual LCD screens on the front and back, offering twice the fun of any camera and allowing the user to take photographs they simply couldn’t take before. The growing popularity of social networking sites has given rise to the self-portrait or profile picture with many consumers turning their digital camera on themselves to become the subject of their photo.

The 1.5” LCD now on the front of the TL225 and TL220 allows consumers to take these self-portraits and profile pictures with ease, showing the user exactly what the picture will look like, enabling the desired result every time. Incorporating a 3.5” wide, 1,152K resolution touch-screen LCD, the TL225 delivers one of the highest resolution screens available on a digital camera. Complementing this is a 12.2 mega-pixel CCD and 27mm wide-angle Schneider KREUZNACH lens with 4.6x optical zoom, allowing a wider shooting range from a shorter distance, and producing clear, clean images with balanced resolution from the center of the image to the edges.

Another innovation found on the TL225 and TL220 is Samsung’s new powerful Smart Gesture User Interface (UI) with a built-in Gravity sensor. Once the camera is powered on, a simple tap on the front LCD activates it and the camera is automatically set to Self Portrait Mode with smile detection. This means that if users want to take a self portrait, they only need to tap and smile, and the picture will be taken automatically. Teamed with innovative Samsung technologies such as Smile Shot, Smart Face Recognition, and Smart Auto, users are given the ability to take the perfect image with ease.

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Got sent this as well today. It was embargoed until 2.00pm today, so we’re only 59 minutes off getting an accidental world exclusive!

The G11’s a bit too rich at over £500 new, but it’ll be on the shortlist when we consider buying a chipped second-hand one with a broken/water damaged LCD off eBay for £60 in four years time.


Canon also sent out a staggering and frankly RUDE photo sample taken by the G11, clocking in at an unbelievable 16.2MB. Sending out a 16.2MB file unsolicited ought to be against internet laws.


The EXIF data says this shot was taken with a G10, but that’s probably just some sort of development thing. The press release is quite verbose, so we’ll attempt that thing other web sites do where they put the full text on a separate page.

Canon unveils successor to the PowerShot G10 – the PowerShot G11 – a compact camera to capture professional images

United Kingdom / Republic of Ireland, 19 August 2009: Canon today announces the launch of the feature packed PowerShot G11, the successor to the multi award-winning PowerShot G10 – the favourite compact of professional photographers and photoagencies the world over.

Commenting on his use of the predecessor to the PowerShot G11, the PowerShot G10, Gary Knight, acclaimed photojournalist and co-founder of the VII Photo Agency, said: “As a photojournalist who covers warzones, one of the main challenges I face is getting high quality images in hostile environments. To achieve this I need a camera that offers great image and build quality without the bulk, and the PowerShot G series is perfect for this purpose. When shooting in areas of conflict, it’s important to have a compact camera in my bag that allows me to work discreetly but also provides the level of quality required to get the photos I need. The G Series excels in this respect, delivering great quality images from a compact body that is less intimidating than that of an SLR.”

Professional photographers will benefit from the G11’s greatly expanded dynamic range. Canon’s new Dual Anti-Noise System combines a high sensitivity 10.0 Megapixel image sensor with Canon’s enhanced DIGIC 4 image processing technology to increase image quality and greatly improve noise performance by up to 2 stops (compared to PowerShot G10). The PowerShot G11 also includes i-Contrast technology, which prevents high-light blowout whilst retaining low-light detail – ideal for difficult lighting situations.
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Probably not, as we’re pretty much set on buying a secondhand Fujifilm E900 off eBay because people seem to like its colour reproduction. But this A170 photo just arrived in the email as we were looking for something to do an update about, and a bit of lying on the internet never hurt anyone.

It takes AA batteries, in case you were worrying we’d lost complete touch with reality.


This is only £79 from NEW and is apparently exclusive to Jessops, if you’re looking for a cheap camera for the wife or a parent who won’t put the model number into Google to read the reviews of it as soon as you give it to them.

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Gadgets with FACES #171: The 3M PreciseMS Disposable Skin Stapler

Found while browsing for staplers.


More information here, should you be in the market for a skin stapler to cover up any accidents. She’ll be as good as new once you’ve put her back together again. The 3M web site has gone onto the old bookmarks list for further exploration.

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Anti text messaging/driving advert from Gwent Police

As soon as the clip starts you start hoping the girls get it in some way. They do.

Sends out a very important message about not letting women drive.

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Static non-powered object with FACES #33 or so: A Majorcan municipal power outlet

Three sockets, three faces. The brain wants to see more faces formed by the faces themselves, but there’s nothing more there. The taker generously left the EXIF data intact, telling us the shot was taken with a Canon EOS 400D Digital.

That must’ve been a bit bulky to lug around a hot country, so thanks for putting in the effort.


“Spotted at the marina at Cala Bona in Majorca. The missus thinks it’s sad I do it, so I brainwashed my five-year-old into spotting them :) ” – DarlyB.

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NEW IDEA: Sexy mayors

Of course, we’ve already featured the ultimate sexy mayor in the toned form of Tom Hartley However, we also realise that men in their 50s are not to everyone’s taste. So here’s entry #1 in ‘Mayor MILFs’.


“I know you like Lord Mayors as much as I do, and you also like sexy women – look at the MILF we have here!


“Pretty hot stuff huh? Do you think anyone out there in Extra Last land has a better looking Mayor? I don’t think they do” – Favus.

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Sony Europe would like you to know about its latest “viral” creation

It has made a joke! A funny web site about people addicted to social networking. Get ready to be amazed by the under-radar marketing power of the Social Media Addicts Association.

Very amusing. Haven’t bothered letting it load and pressing play yet, but it’s bound to be GREAT.


I just thought I’d send you a short email to let you know about a website we have recently produced: From looking at your site I thought you and your readers may enjoy some of the videos.

The site is the home of the Social Media Addicts Association, a self help group for people who can’t stop using Twitter, Facebook and other social media. It features a short video of one of the group’s regular meetings, and some information and advice for other social media addicts.

We created this site and the video for Sony Europe, and it’s an interesting new approach for the company because this is the first time it has used humorous viral content in this way, so we would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Gadgets with FACES #170: Yet another piece of Nintendo tat

At least this one accurately represents THE FEELING YOU’VE BEEN HAD that buying a Wii triggers.


“I’d been nagged to buy a couple of Wii Motion Plus units so the missus can play the 4th game used in 3 years on that little Wii shitbox. I took the first unit out the box upside-down and a face appeared to me, a bit like when those crazy yanks see Jesus in a crisp. After shouting ‘Face!’ at high volume with confused glances from all I then inserted the remote to find the expression had changed from depressed to insolence – it also looked happy to see me, but that’s another story.”


“Excuse the shots – although big, I get confused when I have to turn the wheel round from auto. It’s meant to be a macro shot without a flash, but for all I know it could have been set to underwater fireworks. Strangely the TZ5 didn’t activate its face detection when on auto – hmmm.”


“I wonder if Samba De Amigo would have been any better if it had this ‘new play control’. Still, tworemotes look nothing like a pair of bright red maracas, so I’m out” – Courtster.

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