One of the criteria on these business success TV shows ought to be how at ease you appear when wheeling a ladies’ suitcase through Terminal 5. Do you appear awkward and embarrassed to be using a wheelie suitcase because your arms are too weak to just carry it like a man, or can you pull it off?


Raef pulls it off. You could use Raef to refrigerate a cucumber – or at least half a cucumber. We’d have to work out Raef’s exact cucumber capacity before bringing that particular idea to market.

New powered multi-bag travel suitcase makes light work of trip to airports and offers single solution for hold and cabin baggage

The very latest powered suitcase, the Hybrid PA bag from Live Luggage, the innovative luggage solutions company, has been test-driven by Raef Bjayou, star of 2008’s “The Apprentice”. During a recent trip from London to Barbados, Raef travelled from central London out to Heathrow’s sparkling new Terminal 5 and then on to Nassau, Bahamas on a British Airways flight. Having taken the Hybrid PA Bag up and down steps, along pavements, in and out of taxis and cars and walked considerable distances across airport forecourts and concourses, Raef comments:

“This product is brilliant. As someone who is involved in both business and media, travel is very much at the centre of my life. Not only does this hybrid powered luggage get me from A to B without so much as a bead of sweat upon my brow, it is also aesthetically pleasing ”

The new Hybrid PA Bag is a lightweight, soft-top suitcase with the same high-technology powered wheels, rechargeable batteries (it charges like a mobile phone) tilt switches and force senses in the clever patented anti-gravity handle system as the original Live Luggage hard-shell suitcase. The Hybrid PA Bag takes all the strain and weight out of pulling a packed case, as all the work is done by the powered wheels and handle, leaving the user with a sense of effortlessness, vital on any business trip or holiday.

The Hybrid PA Bag’s main bag was designed for Live Luggage by the famous London-based fashion and product designer Jacqui Ma. Jacqui’s brief from the company was to design a highly practical solution to that thorny problem experienced by airline travellers – adhering to the size and weight guidelines for both checked-in and hand baggage while managing to keep immediate essentials at hand and avoid having to re-distribute belongings from hand baggage to hold luggage or vice-versa at check-in.

Jacqui Ma comments:,” I had a lot fun working with the design engineering team at Live Luggage and believe this is a unique combination of technology and cool design as well as highly practical. This is a real breakthrough for anyone travelling – young and old, back or front of the plane. I believe this Hybrid PA Bag will be a must-have fashion item, because as well as using today’s latest technology, it’s the first dedicated 100% recyclable luggage, a limited edition item and is designed and built in the UK.”

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There are hi-res images in the Media Centre?


Shit yes. 6.6MB TIFF files. Awesome stuff. TIFF files aren’t ideal as we’ll have to… you don’t care about that, though.


There’s even a LIFESTYLE gallery!!


“What’s the MOST aspirational thing we can associate our suitcase with?”


These next two images tell a story. Look at the woman in the red. See how much she loves the suitcase?


She loved it so much she bought one. Or mugged that couple and stole theirs.


See how easy it is to use? See how she has been empowered to go on international business trips even though she’s just had a baby?


Good luck with that, love. We’ll just sit here with a coffee and watch you struggle.




Unbelievable. Amazing to think it’s just a stupid suitcase.


They are certainly businesspeople to be taken seriously. That’s the impression you get, going on their quality suitcases.