Ice box? Salad tray? The decapitated head of a dead robot being stored for later consumption by a gay robot serial killer?

Probably the latter.


“I was shopping for a laptop for my sister because she’s going to uni – turns out there’s no sort of gradient that matches the rise of price to the rise of quality. Anywhere between £200 and £300 seems to be a dead zone. Anyway, mum wanted to look at the fridges, which was lucky because otherwise I wouldn’t have found this little fella cowering in on of the white fridge-freezers they had on show at Curry’s. it looks like you have to twist his eyes to get ice out of his mouth… I can’t make that topical. Sorry there’s only one picture, I couldn’t be bothered to explain your site to my sister, especially as I realised that i can’t remember what’s it’s called now. Taken on a Sony Ericsson K550i” – Gene.