Reader, comment-leaver, battery-lover and therefore MODEL HUMAN BEING “GigerPunk” has recorded the existence of yet another superb set of batteries.

Yes, they are rechargeables – but remember, some people complained when Bob Dylan went electric, and we’re going to have to switch over to covering rechargeables sooner or later to keep the environmentalists happy.

Anyway. Here’s another gallery.

unitech-rechargeable-batteries-1 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-2 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-3


FACE ALERT! How could you have spent so much time taking these photos, and not have noticed the torch-button-nosed face, Giger?

unitech-rechargeable-batteries-5 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-6 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-7

“Some rechargeable ‘Unitech’ batteries taken from a ruggedised-but-not-ruggedised-enough BT Dect phone. Don’t know if they’re the same Unitech that you’ve covered before, but these are batteries and that was an ATi Radeon graphics card.”


“Anyway, hopefully these are ok for next time you’re desperate for a battery update (no Daleks or Aliens powerloaders in these unfortunately – would it be better if I included more geeky toys? Only I kind of assumed the batteries were the stars really… I have more geeky toys that I shouldn’t have wasted decent money on but not on my desk at work unfortunately…)” – GigerPunk.

unitech-rechargeable-batteries-9 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-10 unitech-rechargeable-batteries-11

Daleks or no Daleks. It doesn’t matter.