Oh yes. The words may be on the wrong side, but for straight-down-the-middle battery photography we remain the #1 place to be. #1 out of 1. The only place, basically. Over to regular reader “GigerPunk” for the introduction…

“An old Casio battery, taken from an over 20-year-old calculator (bought in about ’88 and had been working fine until recently on this original battery, can anyone beat that?). I’ve no idea if you’ve covered Casio batteries before, a search brought up far too many pages to hunt through (ie. 6) – I got bored halfway through the 1st page of cameras and watches and gave up. I’ve at least made an attempt to be topical by including a picture of it in my battery tester, which is the same type as in your last update and the same as ‘Prison Hardman’ admitted to having and Badben said there’s no need for…”

But first, please be seated for the safety announcements. Please read this and pay attention even if you have used batteries before. It could save your life in an emergency:


We’d like to warn you that this marks the first time we’ve ever used the WordPress auto-generating gallery feature. If the page goes all wonky and you can’t see the links, this is why.


This is quite possibly the finest photograph we have ever been sent. We’d be here all day typing the words required to express this if we’d just seen it and were trying to explain it. Thanks Mr GigerPunk – we will use your superb “Unitech” shots on a random future date…