Here’s a sample. It’s the least-rude one. Other ruder ones are available. They only go up to about 4/10 on the overall rudeness scale*, but you should still ensure no one’s watching what you’re doing as you idly page through the entire gallery while pondering the pros and cons of each ‘model’.

“Was it you, mentioning how DA girls were just too thick to use the automatic shutter while taking pics of themselves? I thought it was you. Click on the pictures to get to the next. Oh, and please sign up this stupid petition please. Saluts” – Matteo.


  • 1/10 – A fully clothed fat old man.

  • 2/10 – A fully clothed woman of servicable age.
  • 3/10 – A vaguely attractive woman in tight clothing.
  • 4/10 – A vaguely attractive woman showing a bit of cleavage in a painfully self-aware attempt to get noticed by Nuts or Zoo magazine in the hope that she might still be young enough to be a model.
  • 5/10 – Tits.
  • 6/10 – Entire screen full of glistening pink.
  • 7/10 – Front bottom.
  • 8/10 – Front bottom being put to use.
  • 9/10 – Rear bottom being put to use.
  • 10/10 – Actually doing it for real with an actual person who doesn’t mind.